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Bill O'Reilly Asks Why Fred Thompson Would Pick Fight With Michael Moore

Reported by Deborah - May 16, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly discussed the verbal jousting between Fred Thompson and Michael Moore without divulging any details about the nature of their debate. In fact, it seemed like O'Reilly went out of his way to keep his viewers in the dark about Moore's new documentary, Sicko, about our healthcare system Instead, O'Reilly concentrated on Thompson's political motivation for picking a fight with Moore claiming he did it for attention to boost his popularity. Bill O'Reilly, of course, has a lot of experience with this tactic so he should know.

The segment with Mike Dezenhall, Damage Control, was advertised on O'Reilly's website as a discussion of Michael Moore's new film and how it's connected to Cuba . That didn't happen and in fact O'Reilly said Michael Moore is " marginalized" and nobody will go to see his film acting like he had no idea why Thompson would bother with Moore.

Dezenhall said Michael Moore's " brand is outrageous" and wondered why Thompson would pick a fight with a " clown". O'Reilly had the answer putting himself into the equation. He commented that people are fed up with the old politics so Thompson can go after Moore and "cash in on the deal on the O'Reilly Factor" adding he then get's elevated as a crusader.

BOR started to get really annoyed at this point claiming that Thompson doesn't care about Moore." Thompson looks out for Thompson". He noted that Thompson could throw out the attacks without having to worry about anybody hearing Moore's responses so O'Reilly decided it was a good move.

comment: How many times has Bill O'Reilly used the same tactics. In fact, his entire culture warrior shtick is based on this stategy. O'Reilly actually prefers using this hit and run attack on people who have much less of an audience for their response than Michael Moore. BOR prefers small town newspaper editors and judges and even out of town celebrities like Rosie O'Donnell when she's on vacation. It's so annoying when somebody steals your shtick.