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John Gibson apologizes for airing crude,, sexist remarks Monday

Reported by Chrish - May 15, 2007 -

Viewers gave John Gibson an earful about the segment Monday 5/14 featuring comedian Patrice O'Neal and Sonia Ossorio discussing the recent spate of radio scandals (Imus, Opie and Anthony). Gibson made a sincere and complete apology today 5/15/07, saying he is responsible for what makes it to air, and this shouldn't have. Of course I had to go back and see what I missed, having skipped through the segment as I looked fruitlessly for relevant news I could use.

Ossorio, NOW New City President, argued that there are so many derogatory and misogynist images and remarks in the media today, women expect to be offended when they tune in or turn on the TV, and this should not be the case. O'Neal argued that sometimes comedy falls flat and the effort is what matters.

In the course of this discussion O'Neal defended that he has heard a funny rape joke. Ossorio brought up a "joke" of his: that if a man and woman are having sex, doggy style, and he whacks her in the back of the head... O'Neal interrupted and described another act (ejaculating in a woman's eye and kicking her in the shin, called "the pirate"). Ossorio continued with her original description and O'Neal interrupted again, told viewers it's called a 'donkey punch," and mock-scolded a crew-member off camera who was laughing. "It's called humor!" We never got to hear what Ossorio's point was in bringing up the joke and image.

Gibson, who had a smile on his face, scolded O'Neal for doing the same thing Opie and Anthony did: "You have the same problem... you can't say just anything on the air!" O'Neal disagreed, but allowed that it might not be funny and he might get in trouble, but you should be able to attempt it.

That must be it; it was certainly shocking for mid-day programming. The discussion continued a bit longer and ended badly, O'Neal indignant and Ossorio angry and disgusted. We've seen a lot of O'Neal in the past few weeks, since the Imus scandal, but I think he just blew his gig.

Bad on Gibson for airing it, but good for him for apologizing and taking responsibility.