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Hannity Loses God Debate to Acerbic Conservative Anti-Theist Christopher Hitchens

Reported by Marie Therese - May 15, 2007 -

On Sunday night's edition of Hannity's America Sean Hannity, who considers himself an expert on everything, made an attempt to enter the theological arena, taking on author-commentator Christopher Hitchens, who has written a new book entitled God Is Not Great. Although a conservative and a supporter of the war in Iraq, Hitchens has distanced himself from the rabid religiosity that has engulfed all sides in the Mideast conflict. Hitchens feels that "it would be rather awful" if the idea of an all-seeing God was true, because that would mean everyone would be subjected to a minute-by-minute scrutiny reminiscent of North Korea. At one point, Hannity, who was clearly out of his depth, read from notes and made absolutely no sense at all! Watch for his last statement and the frame that follows it, exactly as shown on FOX News. It's that last frame that says it all about exactly which "god" FOX News believes in! With video.