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Carl Cameron Gives Negative Spin To Ron Paul's Lead In Viewer Poll

Reported by Deborah - May 15, 2007 -

Rudy Giuliani was the big hero tonight during the Hannity & Colmes post debate spin session because he lashed out at Ron Paul R. Texas, for commenting about our role in 9/11.

This is what Ron Paul said to cause Giuliani's outrage.

"Did US foreign policies "cause 9/11?" The terrorists didn't attack New Zealand or Switzerland, did they? Sure, they may have happened anyway, but with the level of anger towards us throughout the Middle East over our perpetual meddling in their affairs, isn't it time we tried something different? "

Everyone declared Ron Paul the loser of the night but then the first results of the text message poll came out at a little after 11PM ET and the big winner was Ron Paul at 30%.

Campaign Carl announced with a chuckle that maybe Paul did so well because his organizers did a better job getting supporters to dial in adding that getting "slapped down" also made him more popular with the press.

comment: Maybe war weary viewers found Paul's realistic analysis more presidential and certainly more honest and maybe Carl Cameron made just another of his infamous campaign trail blunders.