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How FOX is becoming more fair and balanced

Reported by Chrish - May 14, 2007 -

The cable news network that enjoys the best ratings claims it succeeds because it is the only "fair and balanced" game in town - everyone else, they say, is liberal. Non-right-wing ideologues scoff at the pretense, as FOX is demonstrably cheerleaders for the Republican party in general and the Bush administration in particular. But lately there's been some change, as demonstrated today 5/14/07 on The Big Story with John Gibson.

So, are they reporting more critically on various and numerous Republican scandals? Are they calling for the resignations of Gonzales and Wolfowitz? Are they expressing doubts about the "surge" in Iraq? Are they getting behind most Democrats and some Republicans in demanding troop withdrawal plans? Or are they applauding the sunsetting of tax breaks for the uber-wealthy?

No. They are simply not reporting on the news and politics much at all anymore. Today's so-called Big Story had one segment, lasting 4 minutes, about Iraq: the ongoing search for 3 US soldiers kidnapped Saturday, purportedly by Al Qaeda (or an affiliated group). Much of that segment was speculation about the likelihood of their safe return (quite poor) and about the prospect of successful negotiations between various insurgent groups in Iraq and US interests.

The "Big Politics" segment was teasing that Newt Gingrich "may" decide to run for president in 2008. Gingrich will join Gibson tomorrow for an interview. (30 seconds, including promo.)

The rest of the show went to

- a cruise ship grounded in/near Alaska (4 minutes)

- Prince Harry going to Iraq, with a camera crew no less. "Useful propaganda" will result. >1 minute

- a lawsuit against a school because a substitute teacher showed a sixth-grade class "Brokeback Mountain." (What was she thinking??) 4 minutes

- Teachers fake a "gun scare" on class trip. (Ditto.) 4 minutes.

- An elderly person beaten, caught on tape. ("Another Big Outrage." Ayuh.) <1 minute.

- Radio crackdown - Imus, JV, Elvis, Opie, Anthony revisited. H&C footage re-aired. 9 minutes.

- Candy Spelling's open letter to Paris Hilton. 3 minutes.

- Something about the "Long Island Lolita," I couldn't watch any more. 4 minutes.

- Your Word, My Word: 3.5 minutes.

It's pretty easy to be fair and balanced when all you're reporting is gossip and filler. (Although the My Word segment was anything but; see next entry.)