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Hannity's Sad, Silly Attempt to Smear the Clintons

Reported by Marie Therese - May 14, 2007 -

Last night on Hannity's America host Sean Hannity announced that he will be doing a series of hit pieces about Bill and Hillary Clinton. "We want to revisit the forgotten episodes of the Clinton White House," he said. "Now, tonight we are premiering a new segment called 'The Clinton Chapters'." Hannity then aired a ridiculous bit of fluff, clearly lifted from a June 2003 National Review Online article by Kathryn Jean Lopez. Apart from being too lazy to do any real research, Hannity omitted a key sentence in order to slant the segment. Oh, yes. In stark contrast to George W. Bush, Bill Clinton enjoyed 60% approval ratings right up until the day he left office! The video is below the fold and includes more commentary.