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Gibson furthers comparisons of Al Qaeda and Democrats

Reported by Chrish - May 14, 2007 -

john Gibson used his My Word segment today 5/14/07 to reinforce the right-wing talking point that Democrats and Al Qaeda are enemies of America.

He took one quote (attributed to a reputed Al Qaeda member, and which he characterized as "buried") from an article in the Washington Post:

"I can assure you that we will start pressuring Bush in a new way at the same time he is facing pressures from the Democrats and the American people."

He ignored the sentences preceding:

"A senior Iraqi army official said he believed that the attack had been carried out by Sunni insurgents. "This area is really full of al-Qaeda members," the official said on condition of anonymity.

Mohamad al-Janabi, a reputed al-Qaeda member in the nearby city of Salman Pak, said in a telephone interview that he was unable to contact his comrades in Mahmudiyah to determine whether they were responsible for the attack."

Gibson infers

"So now we've got an Al Qaeda guy saying he's going to take Americans prisoner and torture them, and maybe kill them, and it will be a "pressure tactic" on George W. Bush that Al Qaeda says is in sync with Democrats in Congress."

I imagine Gibson felt it was a gift that he couldn't refuse, that phrase that fit so nicely into his bias and contempt for Democrats. it's almost as if al-Janabi knew it would be used in this manner, to further foster the divide in America. It's almost as if he and Gibson were in sync.

Amendment 3AM 5/15: As Paige notes below and the Chicago Sun-Times reports, "Al-Qaida video calls for 300,000 U.S. troop deaths
CAIRO, Egypt -- An al-Qaida video released Saturday mocks President Bush and a bill requiring withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Osama bin Laden deputy Ayman al-Zawahri asks "Allah that they [U.S. troops] only get out . . . after losing 200,000 to 300,000."' ThinkProgress further reports "Zawahiri says Congress’ proposed Iraq timetable is evidence of American “failure and frustration,” but adds, “This bill will deprive us of the opportunity to destroy the American forces which we have caught in a historic trap.”