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1/2 Hour News Hour Returns Stranger Than Before

Reported by Deborah - May 14, 2007 -

The FOX News comedy show, 1/2 Hour News Hour, returned last night with the first of 12 shows. On the FNC schedule, it's described as " A show for the rest of us". Some of the content, however, makes me wonder what people would really want to be included in that group. Besides some very nasty one liners about Democrats, which I expected, there was a horrible bit about the tornado in Kansas and a very strange and brutal skit with a pregnant, lawyer, named Gail Garcia Taylor., who gave birth to twins in the bit while delivering a feminist rant. If " the rest of us" found that funny, they have some issues with their humanity

In the tornado skit, the coorespondent reported from Kansas surrounded by debris. Making light of the catastophe , he said the only problem left was trying to find a way to blame George Bush. He joked about anyone blaming global warming for the tornados just to get at Bush and then jumped on the Governor of Kansas for suggesting the men and equipment needed were tied up in Iraq. That too was all made up to blame Bush asnd apparently very funny to " the rest of us". I wonder if the people in Kansas found it funny as well.

It was the bit with the pregnant lawyer that I found so bizarre, brutal and unfunny. The character, Gail Garcia Taylor, was a lawyer specializing in sexual harrassment representing the pregnant NYC transit cops who lost their jobs because they were pregnant. She came on camera with an enormous pregnant belly claiming she was 11 months along. Of course she was abrasive and cold spewing absurd talking points about women workers being able to do their job while pregnant. Then she went into labor and the male reporter delivered twins from between her spread legs sticking out from behind the desk. As he tried to get her to be joyous about motherhood, Gail Garcia Taylor was indifferent to her newborns and continue raving about
feminism and labor practices.

Then there was a horrible one liner about Joan Baez calling the recovering veterans at Walter Reed " imperialist baby killers" which they thought was amusing even though it was a lie. Barack Obama was named the most optimistic candidate because " his name is Barack Obama and he's running for President."

There was much more making it the longest 1/2 hour I ever experienced watching a show on FOX News. Maybe " the show for the rest of us" appealed to a specific group but I found it painful to watch.