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Fox Says: Rich People Like Paris Hilton Should Not Go to Jail!

Reported by Melanie - May 13, 2007 -

That was the chyron Fox displayed yesterday (May 12, 2007) on Forbes on Fox during a discussion about whether or not it would be a good idea to fine Paris Hilton millions of dollars instead of sending her to jail for violating her probation stemming from a September 7, 2006 arrest for DUI.

Mark Tatge, Forbes' Chicago bureau chief, was on to propose the idea and Rick Karlgaard, Forbes' publisher, backed him up, arguing that fining rich people would be a "great way to raise revenue." And besides, they said, why should we spend our tax dollars to house them when they could be paying us?

(Fox manages to worry about "our tax dollars" at times like this, but it never quite gets around to mentioning that we're spending $8.5 billion of "our tax dollars" per month in Iraq.)

Comment: What struck me was that Fox didn't end the chyron with a question mark, er, a Cavuto, but instead, it used an exclamation mark, signaling its agreement. Apparently, that ever-present American flag that Fox waves on its screen and that its anchors wear on their lapels, doesn't mean much, if "liberty and justice for all" is now out the window and rich people should be able to buy their way out of the jails you and I would spend time in if we were in Hilton's predicament. After all, the founders felt that the law should apply to all of us, equally, no matter our social standing or our net worth. So much for Fox's phony flag waving and for its alleged concern for "the little people."