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Bill O'Reilly and Mancow On Self Righteous Soapbox

Reported by Deborah - May 13, 2007 -

Mike Gallagher and Mancow joined O'Reilly on The Factor, 5/11/07, to talk about what should be done about Opie & Anothony's nasty and immature comments about raping Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice on their XM radio show. Mancow told O'Reilly, "We're the good white cells" and managed to find a way to blame liberals. Gallagher had a more objective analysis which O'Reilly didn't like.

O'Reilly warned viewers that the opening clip was not for children. The clip showing Opie & Anthony briefly with some offensive words bleeped was a lot tamer than his usual fare showing naked bodies with digital pasties. He made sure CBS was mentioned but did admit that they cut the offensive comments before the broadcast.

Mike Gallagher ponted out that people pay for the subscription and Opie & Anthony are like the porn stars of radio. He wondered why O'Reilly and Mancow were surprised which annoyed BOR who asked him how would he feel if they said, " Everybody rape Gallagher's wife!"

This prompted Mancow to share his own expereince with a radio show that suggested someone rape his 2 year old adding " Pull down their diapers and rape them" Then Mancow said these were " liberal guys" and can get away with it because the media hates the Bush administration.( I assume he was referring to Opie & Anthony)

Gallagher warned Mancow, "You better be careful. I read about you in the New York Times." Gallagher made the point that some people are really offended by things the three of them say on their shows.

O'Reilly didn't like Gallagher's rational thinking and rewarded Mancow with the last word . Mancow thrilled with the attention from BOR closed with a little rant about what good people they are and blah, blah.

Mancow Mueuller who described himself and Bill O'Reilly as " good white cells" on the radio recently described a caller " a brain dead fetus" and a" late term abortion that somehow climbed out of a dumpster" according to an article in the New York Times, 5/6/07.

Make Gallagher was quite right to warn the self righteous Mancow who still needs his sponsors.
Maybe he should start shopping for a deal on XM.