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Big Story – Or Small Tabloid?

Reported by Chrish - May 13, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

Once again, this has been an eventful week. The Iraq war took an even nastier turn when five Americans were killed and three went missing on Saturday. The Iraq Accountability Act was passed by the US House. Retired General Batiste was fired from CBS because of his appearing in a Vote Vets Ad.

The eleven Republican reps who met with Bush to express their concern about the war were told by Republican Senator Trent Lott and Republican Governor Sonny Purdue to “keep their mouths shut.” (Comment: you can bet that if Democrats were berating each other that would be a Fox feature.) Dick Cheney visited Iraq and did some saber rattling about Iran. Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry’s former congressional aide was arrested for voter fraud. (Comment: you can bet if he were a Democrat this would be a Fox feature.) The Pope visited Brazil.

As these are serious stories, one can understand why they weren’t mentioned on the not so Big Saturday Story. However, Fox does like naughty business and there was some possible naughty business on the part of Nevada Republican Governor Gibbons who is now being investigated by the FBI for taking some perks from defense contractor Warren Trepp in exchange for lucrative state contracts for Trepp. The story comes complete with funny pictures of Gibbons while on a cruise paid for by Trepp. (Comment: you can bet that if he were a Democrat, this would be a Fox feature.)

Fox really likes naughty business when it involves sex but somehow there was no mention of Republican representative Ken Calvert, recently appointed to the House Appropriations Committee, who was caught by police in 1993 in California literally with his pants down. Calvert, replacing on the committee embattled Rep. John Doolittle, has some ethics problems of his own which prompted Republican Rep. Ray Lahood to speak out against this appointment. (Comment: if this happened on the other side of the aisle, you can bet it would be a Fox feature.)

So instead, Julie Banderas treated us to a mélange of uninteresting tabloid topics. Her lead off article was about Miss South America having been accused of strangling her husband. She then told us that the Kalpoe brothers were detained and questioned while their homes were searched. She discussed, with a Fox correspondent, the possibility that a missing South Carolina woman might be with a registered sex offender who had threatened her in the past and recently “broke out of a hospital.” Later in the segment Banderas said that this was the type of hospital where you can “come and go” although the correspondent said that police records reference “escape.” Seems like the hospital, due to confidentiality, wasn’t willing to provide Fox with any details.

We found out about a girl who won’t be celebrating her fourth birthday because she went missing from a Portuguese hotel room, while her parents went out to dine. Banderas, later in the segment, noted how sad it was because this was a “9 year old” girl.

We were treated to a courtroom brawl where tension erupted after the verdict. In true Fox fashion, the brawlers were African American. There was a segment on obesity in children. And so it went.

There was one substantive, but boring, talking heads piece on mandatory fuel regulation standards vs. the “free market” and a very short promo for the upcoming Republican debate. Banderas told us that Rudy Guiliani is “defending his pro-choice stand while saying abortion is morally wrong.” Steve Centanni informed us that Giuliani will be speaking “exclusively” to Fox’s Chris Wallace.

Comment: This was one of the smallest of the Big Stories that I have reviewed. The ad for “tater mitts” was more interesting than any of the segments. I’m surprised that Banderas didn’t have an “Al Sharpton insults Mitt Romney” piece. Even the Ann Coulter “get out of jail free pass” could have been discussed. Something – anything other than possibly homicidal Miss South America and missing white people. Oh and did I mention that we were treated to an airport security cam video of the diapered astronaut stalking her man’s new honey!!!

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla