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Big Story outrage at radio comments about Mrs. Bush, Dr. Rice

Reported by Chrish - May 12, 2007 -

How's this for a fair and balanced panel: Bo Dietl, Rich Lowry, and John Gibson? These three men discussed the repugnant comments from Opie and Anthony and their sidekick Charlie on an XM satellite radio show, today 5/11/07 on The Big Story. The radio pervs apologized on-air for their crude "jokes" about raping Laura Bush, Condaleezza Rice, and the Queen of England; the BS panel discussed if there should be punishment or other repercussions.
With video.

Keep in mind that the Big Story airs at 5 Eastern, 4 Central. At the beginning of the segment they not only aired the audio of the comments (bleeping the offending words) but also put the words on screen, using lots of *** to cleverly disguise "f**k that b**ch." The words were offensive second time around too, for those of us who happily missed the initial airing. The News Hound's video omits the vile comments altogether.

Bo Dietl, although he likes Anthony and Opie "very, very much," was concerned that his daughters, females, could hear the description of women being held down and raped; later on he added that his son also could have his ears violated should he turn on the satellite radio, so we should have Congressional regulation and FCC oversight of satellite radio.

Lowry believes that there should be a distinction in regulation between terrestrial radio and satellite. Just seconds after saying that "there's no place for people who talk like this on TV, terrestrial or satellite radio", he blamed Don Imus' firng on PC cops and people on the liberal media bandwagon. (Flip.) Moments after that he declared that he's kind of "old-fashioned; this isn't a political correctness issue, it's just good taste and the way you respect people." (Flop.)

Lowry politicized it further by saying that if it had been a liberal Democrat "Al Sharpton and his gang would have a lynch mob." (Gibson named Hillary and Pelosi, while Dietl chimed in with Obama.) Unfortunately, the "people who can rally are the likes of Al Sharpton, and he's not going to stand up for Condaleezza Rice."

Dietl wants an apology and a promise that it won't happen again, and fears what's next if there's not regulation - maybe a live rape in the studio! Gibson added his hope that "someone" will step in, and the segment ended with a promo of Al Sharpton on H&C later tonight.

Comment: They can't have it both ways, try as they might. The people who rallied and had a part in Imus' firing are "PC cops" and on the liberal bandwagon, but Lowry is "old-fashioned" and has good taste and respect for the victims of the ugly "joke."

It's interesting to hear cable news commentators, vehemently opposed to bringing back the Fairness Doctrine even for broadcast TV and radio only, endorsing censorious regulation (albeit limited) for their radio equivalent.