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Ann Coulter Pulls Strings To Weasel Out Of Voter Fraud Charges

Reported by Ellen - May 12, 2007 -

Apparently, the legal process that most of America abides by is not good enough for voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter. Rather than allow the “rule of law” to take its course in the investigation into her false voter registration in Palm Beach County, an FBI agent has interceded on her behalf to have the charges dropped. Why would Special Agent Jim Fitzgerald, an FBI profiler who pursued the Unabomber and is based in Virginia, involve himself in a Palm Beach County election issue? The FBI wants to know, too, and has begun an internal investigation.

The answer seems to be, as Brad Blog reports, that Fitzgerald is an old boyfriend of Coulter’s. Meanwhile, as the Bush Administration (and FOX News) have made the issue of voter fraud such a priority, it’s curious, to say the least, that an FBI agent would step in to stop a bona fide investigation, especially where the evidence is so damning. For more information and to view a copy of Coulter’s false registration (and sworn statement attesting to its veracity), check out Brad Blog’s detailed reporting.

In 2004, FOX News' Megyn Kelly (then Kendall) got on her high horse to complain about voter fraud and particularly singled out voters showing up in the wrong districts as cause for alarm. I wonder if she'll have anything to say about Coulter having done just that. I doubt it.