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O'Reilly accuses guest of "paranoid delusions" regarding immigration, as he rails against failure of local cops in NJ

Reported by Chrish - May 11, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly's guest on the Factor tonight 5/10/07, Dr. Juan Hernandez, pleasantly refuted O'Reilly's take that 3 of the 6 alleged Fort Dix plotters being illegal immigrants is further evidence of anarchy in the US. O'Reilly's Talking Point Memo at the top of the hour detailed that the three had 54 traffic violations among them, yet local police "couldn't be bothered" to turn them over to federal law enforcement.
With video.

O'Reilly demanded a yes or no answer to his first question, and got the answer agreeable to him. When Hernandez tried to elaborate, however, O'Reilly put up both hands and overtalked loudly, reprimanding him to stop making speeches. ("Speechmaking gets us nowhere.") We've seen this behavior before, most recently that I recall with Jane Hall, when someone wants to enter evidence of grey areas and not adhere to O'Reilly's "trial attorney" script.

Moments later, O'Reilly speechified and charged that Hernandez and his groups have intimidated the legal system so much that the Duka brothers (those are the three scofflaws/plotters) can do what the hell they want (O'Reilly getting ugly, Hernandez, ever pleasant, shaking his head and saying "oh my goodness"). Hernandez said don't fault HIM for the terrorism acts; all he's saying is that the 12 million undocumented people are mostly good, and 76% of Americans want to check them out and if they are indeed good individuals, give them citizenship.

O'Reilly cherry-picked and said he's glad Hernandez agrees with him that the Duka brothers should not be here, as Hernandez pleaded for the last word and said we need Congress to overhaul the laws so we can check out the 12 million, and dignify those who are enriching us as a nation.

Comment: According to Hernandez' website, he and O'Reilly appear to be on more or less the same page. But Hernandez' compassion and good humor, and his unwillingness to hammer people does not mesh with O'Reilly's desire for punishment.

Please note that O'Reilly is turning the terror plot into a secondary storyline, as he did with the drunk driving deaths in Virginia Beach.