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FOX News Pundit: Colmes, Pelosi and Rosie Will Be Responsible For Next Attack On America

Reported by Ellen - May 11, 2007 -

Hate-monger Bill Cunningham joined Hannity & Colmes last night (5/10/07) for the obvious purpose of whipping up hatred for Mexicans and Democrats over the attempted attack on Fort Dix earlier this week. However, the FOX News producers got more than they bargained for. Cunningham said that when the next attack against America comes, he’ll blame “Rosie, Nancy and Alan Colmes.” An obviously pleased Sean Hannity jumped into the discussion to call Cunningham a great American. With video.

Once again, FOX News chose to sensationalize the important issue of terrorism and security by hosting loud-mouthed, demagogue Cunningham rather than a real expert in the field. In fact, it was clear from the beginning that the purpose of the whole discussion was to exploit the fear of terrorism and turn it into hatred for immigrants and Democrats. Hannity hyped the hatred by headlining the story with "news" that three of the six members of the “Jersey jihad” were illegal immigrants. The graphic at the beginning of the segment read, “Border Jumping Jihad.”

With his sincere face, Hannity said, “I know we often get partisan and I know there’s a lot of left/right disagreement in the country, Bill, and I know it’s Republican and Democrat but it’s also an issue of right and wrong.” He complained that neither Republicans nor Democrats have the political will to deal with “our nation’s vulnerability” at our borders. In fact, according to the Christian Science Monitor, the Senate is near a deal on immigration.

If FOX News and Hannity are really so concerned about vulnerability to terrorism, why don’t they ever discuss the vulnerability of our ports, or our vulnerability in Afghanistan or the State Department’s recent report showing that worldwide terrorism has increased under the Bush administration, or the growth of hatred toward America abroad? Instead, they continually limit their focus to illegal immigrants and Democrats/liberals.

Cunningham quickly moved to cement an association between the Fort Dix suspects, Mexican immigrants and Osama bin Laden. He said, “This is the union of the two great evils facing America. One is illegal alien migration and the other one is the jihadist.” He added that it appears (he didn’t even care to make sure it was true), from listening to Bill O’Reilly, that “at least five of the six came over the border from Mexico about 20 years ago when they were almost infants… The jihadists are now coming on the Mexican border… What’s gonna happen in the future is an hors d’oeuvre. This is an attack by Osama bin Laden on America.”

Hannity, apparently satisfied that Mexicans had been sufficiently demonized, launched an attack on Democrats for not backing a bill granting immunity to tipsters. Comment: This is the second time Hannity has slipped this attack on Democrats into a discussion without offering the viewers any real information. In direct contradiction to FOX News’ stated motto, Hannity decides but doesn’t report.

Cunningham is another FOX News pundit whose main joy in life seems to be smearing Democrats. He didn’t need any further prompting from Hannity to launch into his own attack.

Alan Colmes started his portion of the discussion by joking, “I thought we were coming together in a bi-partisan way here. What happened?” Then Colmes hit the ground running. First, he noted that the suspects are not jihadists and had nothing to do with Al Qaeda.

Hannity was unable to keep silent during what was supposed to be Colmes’ portion of the discussion and shouted, “They invoke bin Laden’s name.”

Colmes pointed out that experts say the New Jersey men had nothing to do with Al Qaeda. (Comment: The Christian Science Monitor backs up Colmes’ assesrtion.) Colmes added that three of the men were in this country legally, that one came here when he was one, another six. “So should we go after all legal residents of this country? Let’s get the facts on the table… A lot of people want to use this to bash immigrants when the fact is they were grown up here, they didn’t come over the border for the sake of committing terrorism.”

As Cunningham started shouting about this “attack on America,” Colmes countered by saying there have been many other such attacks that had nothing to do with illegal immigration or jihad. He cited Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh and even the anti-abortion extremist Paul Hill. “But of course, people didn’t invoke people of different religions, backgrounds or colors THEN because these were people who looked differently than those who come from other countries.”

Cunningham, no doubt blustery at having been shown up, shouted, “When the next attack is made, Alan, people like you and Rosie O’Donnell will be responsible.”

Hannity interrupted to say, “Bill Cunningham, you’re a great American.”

An incredulous Colmes said, “I’m going to be responsible for an attack. You want to blame your fellow Americans. YOU are part of the blame America first crowd.”

“YOU, not fellow Americans,” Cunningham said. “I want to blame Rosie, Nancy and Alan Colmes for being apologists and a stooge.”

“Bill, I enjoy your comedy,” Colmes said. He did not sound amused.