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President Bush Chuckles and Says Many Are Upset By War In Iraq

Reported by Donna - May 10, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had a segment on that dealt with the 11 moderate Republicans who went to speak to the president about the war in Iraq. Apparently the president kept up his bravado by chuckling when he made a statement about people being upset with the war. Or is this an involuntary reflex?

The report said that Bush was getting an earfull from his own party. The segment had a banner that read 'Moderate Republi9cans Warn Bush Iraq Must Improve'. Steve Centanni reported on the story. The president said he might look at benchmarks but he would veto a bill if it only funded the war for a couple of months. The president said this would delay certain procurement, this would make a lot of uncertainty in funding when it comes to two months cycles.

Of course the White House denied that Republican support for the president's war effort was eroding, though 11 moderate Republcans did meet with him on Tuesday to discuss their concerns. The Republicans told the president that his Iraq stance was hurting the party. The president said that concerns were expressed.

President Bush: "I spent time talking to them about what it meant to fail. And what it means when we succeed. They expressed their opinions and obviously were concerned about the Iraq war. Well, so are a lot of other people." He said this with an inappropriate chuckle at the end of that statement.

Comment: The president just doesn't seem to get it. His own party comes to him and demands that he do something about the war in Iraq, the support isn't there, and he still threatens to veto a bill if it's only for a couple of months. Where is the bi partisan support? Or should I say, where is his own partisan support if he has his own Republican party coming to him? These 11 are very powerful, they can make sure that a veto is overridden.

Studio B did put a fair and balanced spin on this story when they had Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institution on later in the show to speak about this very subject. He said that his own party was probably going to give him until September to show that the surge is working or they would demand a reduction in troops.