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Gibson forlorn that Michael Moore won't get hard time or enormous fine for trip to Cuba

Reported by Chrish - May 10, 2007 -

You can hear the disappointment in Big Story host John Gibson's voice today 5/10/07 as Judge Andrew Napolitano informed him that Michael Moore won't be getting jail time or a painful fine for taking trips to Cuba.
With video.

Moore went to Cuba, bringing ten 9/11 rescue workers with him for treatment, during the course of making his latest documentary "Sicko." (The film premiers at Sundance later this month and will be in theaters in June.)

Apparently the trade restrictions in place between the US and Cuba say that a journalist can go at any time, without pre-approval, and JAN and Gibson tossed around the view that Moore doesn't qualify under the statute. SInce he didn't wait for a reply to his application from the government, he may be subject to fines similar to those imposed on Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, who sent agents to Cuba to recruit "El Duque". Steinbrenner's fine was $75,000, not a lot by such rich guy standards.

Gibson was sure to mention that Moore was a rich guy, once saying that journalists are "underpaid, ink-stained wretches," and he (Moore) made $100 million with F9/11, and later reinforcing it by asking if the fine would be enough to "really hurt a guy who made $100 million dollars on a movie?"

No, sorry for Gibson, it'll probably be less than $100k, replied Napolitano. Aaaww. So the answer to Gibson's graphic of the day, "Michael Moore investigated at last! Can they nail him for this?" was yes, he can be "nailed," but it will only cost him money, not time.

Better luck next time.