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Dick Morris Admits Fear Makes Voters Go Republican

Reported by Deborah - May 10, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris were of course complaining about the media downplaying the seriousness of the Fort Dix terrorist plot. Morris had one of his theories about the liberal media conspiring and O'Reilly agreed with him.

Dick Morris told O'Reilly that because the MSM is liberal, they don't want people to have fear so they will vote for Democrats. Morris pointed out a poll in the New York Times right after 9/11 asking when people thought things would return to normal. According to Morris, that poll was evidence that the liberal media was conspiring.

Morris listed all the terrorist plots that he thought the media downplayed like the Sears Tower plot with the guys in Miami playing in a storage garage. Morris claimed the media never gave any of the plots any credibility.

O'Reilly agreed with Morris and blamed the usual suspects like the ACLU, New York Times and anyone against the patriot act . Then Morris got a chance to worship Rudy as the ultimate protector and bash McCain a little. There was no time for the Clintons tonight so perhaps he's moving on.