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O'Reilly admits he's character assassin to Wes Clark , quickly backtracks

Reported by Chrish - May 10, 2007 -

After a cordial disagreement over the correctness of Army General John Batiste (who retired SO he could speak out against Bush's handling of the Iraq war) making a commercial for VoteVets.org, things got heated as Bill O'Reilly attacked Wes Clark for accepting $75 thousand (WesPAC, actually) from O'Reilly's current number one enemy and target, George Soros. Clark was magnificent as usual.
With video.

Clark, who is on the Board of votevets.org, of course supports the commercial and Batiste, who was there in Iraq and tried to implement the Bush administration policies. After concluding it was not the troops but the policies which were failing, he retired and spoke out. O'Reilly believes this hurts the troops morale (gives them a little shout-out because he knows they're watching FOX News) and thinks Batiste is looking out for politics, not "the guys." He capitulates a little, saying the General is a patriot and braver than he is, but he (O'Reilly) would not have done it - makes him queazy.

Turning to Clark and pointing a finger, O'Reilly declared he had a bone to pick - about Soros making a donation to WesPAC. Clark smiled and reminded BOR he brought that up last time, and BOR asked him if he had any clue how radical left this guy is? Clark defended him as the embodiment of the American dream and began to enumerate his democratizing works in Eastern Europe, but O'Reilly interrupted to bring up Soros' conviction in France and his trading in British pounds - memes which we are hearing repeated, but never fully explained, bumpersticker smears.

He demanded of Clark his positions on euthanasia, legalized narcotics, open borders, and other causes Soros allegedly supports, sounding a lot like Sean Hannity at his badgering worst. When he said to Clark "you're not going to answer me?" Clark responded that it was not relevant. Of course O'Reilly disagreed and repeated that Soros gave him $75K, to which Clark replied he'd gladly take it from a Republican too. O'Reilly groused that Soros compared the Bush administration to the Nazis, and when Clark said he couldn't defend everything Soros says, O'Reilly, starting to get ugly, said he can't defend ANYthing Soros says (he's pure evil, remember - can't let the foot in the door that he may have some good qualities). Clark immediately answered that he could and proceeded to itemize.

O'Reilly, squinting, said he's going to have "my guys" FedEx Clark a package of who this guy really is. Clark said "That's character assassination", and O'Reilly, wide-eyed now, replied "You bet it is!" Realizing what he just said, he started shouting, "No! It's facts!" Clark was talking about the American values Soros puts his energy and money behind - democratization, free press - and O'Reilly shouted "that's bull!" Famous refuge when he's losing. He started ticking off on his fingers all the causes Soros supposedly supports that O'Reilly must find un-American: open borders, legalized narcotics, euthanasia, blah blah blah.
Soros is "undermining the country abroad, wants a one-world government, as radical..there isn't a person in the country more radical than him. You took 75K from the most radical individual in the United States of America!"

Oh puhleeeze - hyperbole much?

Clark kept his cool, and said "You're just going after somebody." O'Reilly said "You bet!" Clark: "It's personal, and it's wrong." BOR: "It's not personal!"

Clark told him to look at the results; he doesn't have to defend his views. O'Reilly, out of everything, said that Clark is a patriot, but who he associates with is what people are going to judge him by. Clark, bless his heart, smiled and said "Well, I'm associating with you." (I'm giving him Top Dog for that line alone, though the rest of his appearance was superb also.)
O'Reilly called Soros dangerous, and Clark said "He's not. He's a legitimate voice in the United States of America."

O'Reilly, recognizing he lost that one, asked Clark if he thought MoveOn.org was good, and Clark said they have a legitimate role to play. O'Reilly asked if he liked the character assassination (Tactic: projecton - get the words away from him and onto someone else before segment ends) and Clark retorted "do you like the Swift Boats?" (sic) Through some overtalking, Clark got out that O'Reilly has said some very personal things and ought to stick to the issues; O'Reilly' said he backed up every one of them, and Clark was "on the wrong side of the street." Clark advised him to be worried about where the country is headed, but O'Reilly is worried that Clark took 75K from George Soros. Clark made the final point that George Soros and people like him are putting the money in to get the policy changes that the country needs.

Comment: Clark was so cool, and when O'Reilly started shouting on several occassions, Clark seemed to deliberately lower his voice, which brought O'Reilly back down to a low roar. He seems to think that a conglomeration of unflattering "facts" about someone compiled to paint a negative picture, to further an agenda or create a false impression, is journalism and not character assassination. Yet he thinks that MoveOn.org, for example, are assassins (all 3.2 million of us) because of, well, he didn't give any examples.

Enjoy the video: