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Sean Hannity Defends Accused Murderer

Reported by Marie Therese - May 9, 2007 -

I am continually amazed at how easily FOX News hosts bend their beliefs to fit their conservative agenda. Take the case of Sean "Law & Order" Hannity. Last Sunday (May 6, 2007) Hannity did a total flip-flop, choosing to defend a man standing trial in Arizona for the first-degree murder of an unarmed young man. Why would Hannity abandon his tough on crime persona? Seven words explain it all.

White Border Patrol agent. Mexican illegal immigrant.

With video.

According to an online report from KVOA, News 4 in Tucson:

Nicholas Corbett was indicted today on four counts including two counts of murder in the death of Francisco Dominguez-Rivera.

The shooting happened back in January along the border near Douglas.

Investigators say surveillance video shows Corbett going to the rear of his SUV and forcing someone to their knees before the person fell to the ground.

They say that person was 22 year old Francisco Dominguez-Rivera.

Agent Corbett has said he felt threatened by Dominguez-Rivera.

But Cochise County attorney Ed Rheinheimer says the shooting was not legally justified and at the time Dominguez-Rivera was shot, he presented no threat to Agent Corbett.

He goes on to say that this decision was not easy, because prosecutors are not in a position to second guess law enforcement officers' split-second decisions. But prosecutors must go where the evidence takes them. (April 24, 2007)

Other reports indicate that Dominguez-Rivera was shot in the chest at close range.

It's no surprise that none of this information made it onto Hannity's show. Instead he bent over backwards to make excuses for Agent Corbett, going so far as to hint that Mexican officials coached Dominguez-Rivera's family members prior to their interrogation by the police. He made legitimate claims that a rock can kill someone, showing images of badly injured officers and a very large stone. However, he did not produce a photo of the actual rock used in the attack. (And that would be because Hannity knew full well that there is a good chance that no such rock exists.)

Then, in a crass piece of deception, he aired video of a different rock throwing attack including shocking images of another agent killing a man who threatened him with a rock. It was extremely disturbing and I should warn you that it is contained in the video below.

Hannity made excuse after excuse for Corbett, never once mentioning that the victim was shot from a range of 3-1/2 inches to three feet. Additionally, he cobbled together a string of miscellaneous and irrelevant suppositions and statements hoping that inattentive viewers would take them as "proof" that Corbett did not commit this heinous act.

However, according to the Arizona Daily Star:

"The bullet that killed DomĂ­nguez Rivera entered the left side of his chest, passed downward through his heart and liver, and settled in the right lower abdomen, according to an autopsy report by the Cochise County Medical Examiner's Office. He was shot from between 3 inches and 2 1/2 feet, according to Arizona Department of Public Safety lab information included in the report.

"A video taken by a Border Patrol surveillance camera shows from a distance the moments of the fatal shooting. The blurry digital video shows Corbett getting out of the driver's side of his vehicle and moving around the back before engaging a group of people, Cochise County sheriff's Sgt. Mark Genz wrote in a report given to the county attorney.

"'You can see that he is very close to several subjects. It appears that one of the subjects he is near goes down partly, possibly to his knees and then goes down to the ground all the way and you lose sight of him,' he wrote.

"The County Attorney's office sent the video to the FBI for enhancement but haven't received it back." (April 23, 2007)

What this all boiled down to was Hannity's basic assumption that the Mexican immigrants lied in an attempt to bring down one staunch, innocent Border Patrol Agent. In Hannity's warped world, the real criminal here is the prosecutor who indicted Nicholas Corbett.

Truly sad.