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O'Reilly viewers regurgitate TPM, prove that propaganda works

Reported by Chrish - May 9, 2007 -

Last month it was Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. This month O'Reilly is indoctrinating his followers to hate and fear George Soros, who commits the anti-Republican offense of financially supporting liberal and progressive organizations and candidates. O'Reilly has been fear-mongering and smearing with his little chart and it's seeping into his impressionable audience, many of whom also fear the Internets. Last night 5/8/07 letters written to O'Reilly reflected his Talking Points Memo of the previous night and highlighted his viewers' willingness to believe everything he says.

With a photo of Soros over his (left, of course) shoulder and the label "Far-left influence," O'Reilly read some letters:

One viewer wrote "Bill, the power that Soros holds is a wake-up call for me. What can I do?" O'Reilly urged him to spread the word about what's happening. "What Soros is doing is legal."

Another wrote "I submit that Bush has such low poll numbers because Soros and his media enablers are undermining the country." Yep, she puked it up like a good little student. Amazingly, O'Reilly disagreed and said Bush's poll numbers are low because we haven't "won" in Iraq, we haven't secured the southern border, and gas prices are out of control.

But all is not lost. One of the viewers who watch for the comedy factor wrote "O'Reilly, I laughed at the nonsense you were spewing about the "radical left." Was that a parody?"

Of course he told her that some people are never gonna wise up, and he hopes she's not one of them.

Mr/ Fair and Balanced has not said word one about these conservative funders or
these like-minded backers.