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Illegal Immigrants in Fort Dix plot entered US in 1984, as small children

Reported by Chrish - May 9, 2007 -

During the course of an interview with US Attorney Christopher Christie on the Big Story today 5/9/07, it was reported that the three plotters who are here illegally "slipped into the US" in 1984. Since the accused, Eljivir Duka, Shain Duka, Dritan Duka, Agron Abdullahu, Shain Tatar and Mohamad Ibrahim Schnewer range in age from 22-28 per the Star Ledger, they were small children when brought here and have been here virtually all their lives; in fact, they are being described as "home-grown" terrorists.

This doesn't negate their status, but it takes the wind out of sails of blowhards who are huffing and puffing about illegal immigration today allowing jihadists in.

One of the suspect's father was shown, saying he believes in his heart his son is not guilty, but if he is, "jail." Christie confirmed that cooperation with the Muslim community was key in foiling the plot, and the overwhelming majority in that community want to be helpful to law enforcement.

Throughout the interview a typically lame graphic was shown sating "Jersey Jihadis: Illegal immigrants" and asking "How did they get in?" Christie said investigators learned of their illegal status from the tape (that troubled the clerk so that he contacted police), where the plotters said they couldn't do certain things because of their illegal status.

Speaking of the clerk, who was asked to copy said tape to DVD, Christie refused to give any identifying information (although he did use the male pronouns). During that part of the interview, however, video was repeatedly shown of the Circuit City store, identified in Mt. Laurel NJ, and the chyron finally gave way from "3 of 6 terror suspects were illegal immigrants" to read "Employee still works for Circuit City." Nice way to thank the fella, FOX.

Christie hopes that this bust will reawaken Americans' post-9/11 feelings and remind us that the terror threat is real. Gibson could not be happier.

Comment: Has anyone really forgotten? Don't you feel dread when you turn on your TV every day to see what's new? Is it another Columbine, or OKC, or have we bombed someone else? Even the "little" terror of everyday - people being shot at Target, kids being kidnapped at bus stops - it's a world of terror, we know. How else to explain the popularity of American Idol?