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Fox Guest Calls Smith On Lead In From Terrorist Story To Churches Protecting Illegal Immigrants

Reported by Donna - May 9, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had a segment that talked about the six men who were arrested on alleged terrorist charges yesterday. He said that three of them were brothers who were here illegally from Yugoslavia, 2 had green cards and one was a naturalized citizen. Smith then went into a story about churches protecting illegals from getting deported.

His guest, Daniel Restrepo from the Center for American Progress told him that lead in was a little deceptive and Smith agreed. He said they wouldn't be giving sanctuary to people who broke the law but to law abiding families, not anyone who was planning terrorist attacks in the United States.

Smith took umbrage and said that no one said that. Restrepo told him by putting those two stories together he was giving that impression. Smith said that was simply untrue.

Comments: It could be argued, given that it is Fox news, and that by running the two segments together like they did that they were inferring that the church giving sanctuary to some illegal immigrants could run together with the story about the illegal immigrants who were planning terrorist attacks in the United States.

But we'll let you decide. We'll report and you can decide.