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O'Reilly Claims Far Left Elements At MSNBC Caused Low Ratings For Republican Debates

Reported by Deborah - May 8, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly almost made it through an entire show tonight without attacking some media enemy but hope was lost when he delivered his Most Ridiculous Item. According to BOR, " far left elements at NBC" have been attacking him again to "boost their dismal ratings". I don't suppose he was referring to Keith Olbermann who gave him the Worst Person honor last night.

According to BOR, those nasty " far left elements" are turning traditional conservatives away from Brian Williams. In fact, he said, the elements were responsible for the poor ratings for the Republican debates because people want a " level playing field". He assured viewers he had nothing against NBC but...

Last night Olbermann gave BOR the honor for claiming the Indiana University had recieved 5 million from George Soros which funded the study evaluating his skills as a propagandist. It turns out that George Soros did contribute to the University but for something far removed from this study which recieved no funding at all.

comment: Message to O'Reilly: You can't keep making stuff up and get mad when people call you on it. The good old days when you could say whatever you pleased and get away with it are over. You need to face some facts. You've peaked and Keith Olbermann is coming up behind you and MSNBC considers him a great asset.