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Fox's Brit Hume Downplays the Trouble Paul Wolfowitz is In

Reported by Melanie - May 8, 2007 -

One of the lead stories on Special Report w/Brit Hume last night (May 7, 2007), was about the fix Paul Wolfowitz is in at the World Bank. Based on what Hume, Fox's anchor extrordinaire, said about the scandal, which will likely force Wolfowitz to resign or be fired as head of the Bank, the issue doesn't sound like that big a deal.

Here's what he said:

The World Bank panel that's been looking into how bank president Paul Wolfowitz handled a personnel matter, has sent him its report and plans to discuss the matter with the bank's board tomorrow.

The New York Times is reporting on its website tonight that the panel has found Wolfowitz involved in a conflict of interest in arranging a pay raise and promotion for his companion, Shaha Rizz, but the panel reportedly is still deciding what punishment to recommend and in the meantime, a top Wolfowitz advisor is quitting. Kevin Kellems says the atmosphere surrounding the bank leadership makes it impossible, or at least difficult, to be effective.

Comment: Interesting choice of words. The "panel" that's looking into the issue happens to be a committee of World Bank directors. And the "panel" found that the "personnel matter" Wolfowitz was "involved in" could be more accurately described as finding Wolfowitz guilty of breaching his obligations as bank president. One senior European official said Wolfowitz's reputation is "beyond repair." Additionally, Kevin Kellems is more than a "top advisor." His title is Director of Strategy in External Affairs and Senior Adviser, and the "bank leadership" Hume referred to is, of course, Wolfowitz. You can bet the language Hume used would have been far more damning if Wolfowitz wasn't on Fox's team, but instead was someone say, like, oh, Kofi Annan.