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Bernard Kerik: "New Congress Giving Al Qaeda Victories"

Reported by Marie Therese - May 8, 2007 -

On yesterday's edition of Your World, Neil Cavuto scheduled a segment with Bernard Kerik, former NYPD Police Commisioner and a man currently under investigation on charges of tax evasion and illegal wiretapping. Cavuto introduced Kerik by saying "Our next guest says that Congress is delivering victories to Al Qaeda every day." With video.

It seems to me that FOX News uses Kerik for two reasons. First, his link to New York on 9-11 gives him a certain cachet with the average FOX viewer who is unaware of Kerik's shady past. He bolsters the Bush administration talking points that FOX News wants to disseminate to its viewers.

Secondly, FOX does not want Rudy Giuliani to be President. Consequently, they keep Kerik around because, when the moment is right, the conservative defamation machine (Politico, Drudge, Townhall, etc.) will initiate a series of "exposes" on Kerik's business dealings with Giuliani thus allowing FOX to "report" on the story as if it was news. Both Giuliani and Kerik have profited handsomely from the War on Terror and/or the War in Iraq and Giuliani's association with Kerik leaves him vulnerable to a "guilt by association" mudslinging campaign.

Since I am firmly convinced that the power brokers in the Republican Party have already picked their "stealth" candidate, the right wing blogs, radio stations and FOX News will be working overtime to cull the current GOP Presidential herd. My money is on Jeb Bush as the eleventh hour draft pick, although it's possible they've decided on actor Fred Thompson. Romney will be brought down by the hypocrisy factor, i.e., his sudden pro-life revelation will look a little shallow once the voters get whiff of the fact that Bain Capital, the company Romney founded, owns Warner-Chilcott, manufacturer of LoEstrin24, a birth control pill advertised recently, even on FOX News Channel.

Yesterday Kerik, looking wan and thin, played the good little FOX News lapdog and delivered the message his masters required. i.e., no timetables, endless second chances for the Iraqis to get their act together, David Petraeus is a military genius and just needs more time to prove he can do it, blah, blah, blah.