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"Ask Ann" Romney Nothing but Fluff

Reported by Janie - May 8, 2007 -

During this morning's Fox & Friends, the hosts invited Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, onto the shower to answer questions from viewers and the hosts themselves. The piece was nothing more than fluff, and only simple, non-hard hitting questions were asked.

The interview, which last two segments, consisted of the following questions:

All of the questions included:

Segment One

Host Steve Doocy: "Did he really ask you to marry him after the first date? Or the prom?"

Gretchen Carlson: "You met him and knew him in elementary school!"

Brian Kilmeade: "How is this whole campaign? It's so early, but it's been a while. How's it going for you? Biggest surprise so far?"

Carlson: "How do you think he did in the debate last week?"

Doocy: "I've heard people say he looks like a President. When did you realize your husband looks like a President?"

Carlson: "You apparently have some great qualities yourself. He talks about you like any wife hopes her husband would talk about them. But I was interested in reading that as a mom, you have 5 boys, and when they were learning how to take piano, you were pretty tough with them. When they didn't want to practice you would…well, tell us what you would do."

Segment Two

Viewer: "Please ask her what she would bring to the White House that no other first lady has. So far, Mitt already has my vote."

Doocy: "We did hear you're husband talked a little bit about stem cell research at the debate… tell us your official stance on the debate."

Viewer: "You kinda answered the question with the previous caller, but I wanted to know what is the one thing, if you're husband does win the Presidency, that you would like to accomplish as first lady."

Doocy: "Were you born and raised a Mormon?

Doocy: "What do you make of a lot of people making his religion an issue?"

Viewer: "My question for you is, what is Mitt short for, and would you and your husband be willing to come down to a Brewers game?"

Doocy: "What's the official website?"

While the Fox & Friends were fawning all over Mrs. Romney, not a single serious question was posed, once again providing a softball interview for the Republicans.