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Laura Ingraham, Hypocrite

Reported by Marie Therese - May 7, 2007 -

This post is contained in the video below, because, if one picture is worth a thousand words, a lot of pictures is worth more. The topic is Laura Ingraham's hypocrisy in appearing with Neil Cavuto, FOX's king of B-roll boobs and buns, to discuss Verizon's cancellation of its sponsorship of rapper Akon. Is this the same Laura Ingraham who stormed off the set of Hannity & Colmes because she was so upset with FOX's predilection to use lots of clips of half-naked women?

Update, 5-7-07, 11:56 PM EDT: Also, after watching the Cavuto clips, check out the other video (below) of Akon appearing as a guest on AMERICAN IDOL!!! HYPOCRISY taken to the next level!! Hat tip to Paige for the Idol find. - MT