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Bill O'Reilly's Accusation Against Ted Kennedy and Media Matters Falls Flat

Reported by Deborah - May 7, 2007 -

O'Reilly thought he was really on to something big tonight with his segment about " Far Left Collusion". BOR claimed he had proof that Ted Kennedy and Media Matters were in collusion because the e -mail Ted Kennedy sent him about his stand on immigration was almost identical to the one he sent Media Matters on the same subject. To make matters worse, according to BOR, the information on Kennedy's website about immigration was also the same as the e mails . This time even Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers couldn't agree that this proved anything at all and Bill O'Reilly looked extremely foolish. 5/7/07 with video

On May 1, O'Reilly called Kirsten Powers " crazy" for thinking that Ted Kennedy or any Democrats want to secure the borders. Powers was referring to the Kennedy/McCain Bill which she had previously quoted for O'Reilly on air in 2006 but on May 1, 2007, O'Reilly wouldn't acknowledge it.

Media Matters has the exchanges between O'Reilly and Powers from both those dates posted on their website

So naturally, Ted Kennedy wanted to set the record straight after Bill O'Reilly smeared him on The Factor and wisely sent the same or similar press release to Media Matters. It seems that Bill O'Reilly thinks Kennedy should have allowed him to spout misinformation on his show.

Tonight BOR said the e-mail from Kennedy proved that Powers had been right after all about Kennedy's stand on border issues. Then he claimed that the press release Kennedy sent to Media Matters the next day was proof of a "left wing machine"

Malkin wasn't buying the collusion theory and BOR was getting frustrated.Powers reminded him that Kennedy had the information from the Bill on his website and it wasn't strange at all. O'Reilly insisted it was "propaganda" .

Here is the press release from Kennedy's website dated May1, 2007 from Ted Kennedy's website. Why would he bother to send different press releases about his stand on immigration? Bill O'Reilly's theory made absolutely no sense. However, he still got the message out to his faithful viewers who won't question him as long as their hatred gets fed.