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Ann Coulter Accuses Newsweek of Faking Poll Results

Reported by Marie Therese - May 7, 2007 -

Newsweek has just released a poll that shows that all three Democratic candidates would handily defeat all Republican contenders. However, last night on At Large, host Geraldo Rivera focussed only on Barack Obama's numbers. Obama has been a prime target for FOX News and its band of merry maulers since he declared his candidacy last January. Geraldo's guest panelist was vicious vixen Ann Coulter who claimed that Newsweek faked the results of the poll and implied that Obama is the candidate that Al Qaeda supports. Video below the fold.

"I think this is Newsweek doing more push polling for Al Qaeda," Coulter told Geraldo Rivera. Rivera responded "You don't think they're making it up?" to which Coulter answered "Yes."

She went on to say that in polls "where Republicans are actually allowed to vote," they "do a lot better," thus suggesting that Newsweek did not call any Republicans.

Later Coulter announced that she considered Obama a "lightweight."

Of course, very few of the males watching FOX News paid any attention to what Coulter was saying, as they would have been too busy looking at her exposed navel. She was very unprofessionally dressed in hip-hugging jeans and a tummy-revealing tee-shirt.

To read the statistical results of the poll, click here. It was conducted Princeton Survey Research Associates International, so in effect Coulter was accusing this organization of poll rigging!