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You Know Republicans Are In Trouble When…

Reported by Ellen - May 6, 2007 -

Friday night (5/4/07), Hannity & Colmes discussed the previous night's Republican presidential candidates' debate with Karen Hanretty and Bob Beckel. The show virtually ignored the recent Democratic candidates' debate and "covered" it only with a segment about the candidates' environmental "hypocrisy" for having flown there in private jets. But Friday night was the second night of coverage for the Republicans - another example of just how fair and balanced FOX News really is. So it speaks volumes that both Hanretty and conservative guest host Mark Steyn seemed to focus more on limiting their criticism than lavishing any praise. With video.

Ordinarily, Republican "strategist" Hanretty seems in a competition with herself as to how often she can malign Democrats in one segment. She didn't even try Friday night. Instead, Hanretty was unusually candid and even-handed. During her go-round with Alan Colmes she questioned why the candidates, so gung-ho about the Iraq war, were so intent on running away from its architect, George Bush.

She also said that Giuliani should just run as a pro-choice candidate, rather than trying to pretend otherwise. "Deal with it, move on to the next subject," was Hanretty's advice to him.

Steyn said John McCain smiled a Dr. Strangelove-type smile. Hanretty laughed and said she thought he had been over-prepped.

"He needs to lay off the triple espresso," Steyn quipped.

There were no winners or losers, Hanretty opined. Then she promoted an upcoming speech by Fred Thompson.