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Hannity Calls Cuba’s Castro “A Democrat,” Then Gets A Lesson About George Bush’s Unpopularity

Reported by Ellen - May 4, 2007 -

Juan Williams did a great job on Hannity & Colmes last night (5/3/07) explaining to Sean Hannity exactly why President Bush didn’t make Time Magazine’s annual list of the world’s top 100 most influential people. While Hannity was complaining about Time’s bias, he somehow turned Cuba’s President Castro into a Democrat. With video.

Hannity began by reading the FOX-prepared intro, “Time Magazine is showing its true colors… The fact that Time Magazine holds the president in such low regard shouldn’t come as a shock but what is surprising is who DID make the list.”

Hannity continued by complaining about Osama Bin Laden and “overall big mouth” Rosie O’Donnell being named. Turning to FOX News contributor Juan Williams, Hannity said, “You can’t even explain in reasonable detail why is Osama bin Laden there and not George Bush. Could you explain that to us?”

Williams definitely could. “Sure! Goodness gracious, Sean. Osama bin Laden is driving so much of what we know of as the war on terror… He’s the one that so many hold up as the ideological leader.”

Newly-minted FOX News contributor Rick Santorum predictably attacked Time. He said it had “gone off the deep end in the Bush-hating crowd. This not only disrespects this president, it disrespects the presidency.” Santorum didn’t bother to consider Time’s perspective before attacking them. Then, pot Santorum said Time’s list “just proved how biased and hate-filled they are.”

As “proof” of Time’s bias, Hannity complained that Democrats Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, "Fidel Castro's brother," and Barack Obama were on the list. Hannity neglected to mention that Condoleezza Rice, John Roberts and Arnold Schwarzenegger were also on the list, as evidenced by a slide show that FOX News played throughout the segment. Hannity said to Williams, “So you can admit that… if they had those politicians, they should have had him, right?”

Williams answered emphatically, “No! Because look - at the moment – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – people are enthused, people are encouraged.”

Hannity, in all seriousness asked, “And they’re not encouraged by George Bush? Come on!”

“Look at the numbers, Sean! Just look at the facts!” Williams said. “If you talk about bias, look (how) you’re being biased. You’re saying George Bush is persuasive?”

Williams went on to explain that there’s a difference between being influential and powerful. He acknowledged that Bush was the world's most powerful man. But not influential. “If you talk about influence, President Bush can’t even influence other western democracies to join him in that war on terror. He is isolated in that sense.”

PS Check out the photo that is supposed to be Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It’s really the deceased Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei who died in 1989. (Hat tip to reader PJ for the tip.)