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FOX News Guest Says Black Racism Against Whites “The Biggest Problem In This Country.”

Reported by Ellen - May 4, 2007 -

FOX News deliberately stirred up racial tensions again last night (5/3/07) on Hannity & Colmes. This time, they re-aired a cell phone video of a black-against-white fist fight in a high school, then allowed a radio show host (with no evident connection to the incident) the opportunity to opine that he “knew” it was a hate crime against the white student because otherwise “Jesse and Al” would have been complaining about a hate crime against blacks. “And that is what is the biggest problem in this country.” With video.

For once, I have to give commend both Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes for their fair-minded treatment of the incident and their refusal to sensationalize it. However, there was simply no excuse for FOX News to re-air the amateur video which had been shown the night before, much less bring on a radio show host rather than an educator, a parent, or an expert in school violence or race relations to discuss it. Chuck Booms’ only “expertise” seemed to be his enthusiastically bigoted convictions.

Booms told Hannity, “There’s no question about it and the question that I have and that I’m more than willing to talk about and noone in the country seems to talk about is why is this not a hate crime? It’s obvious we have a white student who’s being attacked by two African Americans. If this is reversed, we know what we get on the national media.”

Questioning how Booms could know what happened, Hannity noted that he could not make out the audio. Neither could I.

“I can tell you exactly why," Booms answered. Because the bottom line is, if this was two white kids and that was the black kid down on the ground, Jesse and Al would be out there telling you that it was a racially motivated hate crime. And that is what is the biggest problem in this country.”

I have posted many times about Hannity’s bigotry and last night he sympathetically told Booms, “I hear what you’re saying.” But, to his credit, Hannity questioned Booms’ conclusion and offered that it could have just been a fight in which racial epithets had been thrown without racism being the cause.

Booms answered, “Sean, you and I deal with a lot of this stuff on the same level and you have to accept the fact that – and you’re not doing it tonight, surprisingly – you have to accept the fact if this was reversed, it would be everywhere and it would be nothing but race.”

Hannity agreed that was “very possible… I’m conceding your point.” But, Hannity insisted, “Maybe it can be about people just saying bad things to each other ‘cause they’re fighting, not because there’s necessarily racial antipathy.”

“Sure it could but the liberals – sorry, Alan – are the ones that jump on the reverse of what we just talked about and say ‘look at the hate crime.’”

That’s when Colmes took his turn and to his credit, too, really went after Booms. “You’re using this horrible incident as a way to bash liberals. This is ridiculous. You know it’s ridiculous. This has nothing to do with liberals… You don’t know that this was instigated by blacks as you’ve suggested. You don’t know who instigated it. It sounds to me like you’re trying to make it race.”

“Alan, I’m simply telling you what everybody watching the number one cable channel in the world is thinking.” The obnoxious Booms insisted he knew this was a racially-motivated attack against a white student “because of how we discuss all these other incidents in the media… Isn’t the Duke case not good enough for everybody?”

As Colmes argued that Booms had no idea how the fight got started, Booms said, “Alan, you know what I’m doing? I’m being fair and balanced. I’m being fair and balanced.” Speaking more emphatically, Booms said, “If this was reversed, this would be talked about in a racial way.”

As Hannity ended the discussion, Booms shook his finger and said, “Needs to be talked about.”