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Dick Morris Claims MSNBC and Politico.com Deliberately Dissed Giuliani

Reported by Deborah - May 4, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin opened the segment about last nights Republican debate complaining that the questions were stupid and there were too many candidates. Dick Morris thought, in fact, there was much more to the story claiming that liberal MSNBC and Politico.com deliberately dissed Giuliani wanting him to look bad. In fact, he had Fox News do some research to prove his point. Now there's a study we can all trust.

It seems the great investigators at FOX News counted the candidates words and Giuliani had the least and at dramatic moments when Guiliani as frontrunner should have been given the question, it was given to " minor" candidates.

Malkin wasn't convinced of a liberal conspiracy saying, You give them alot more credit than they deserve." Morris continued trying to prove his bias theory. " They didn't want to ask about the real issues which go against their ideology."

Malkin was surprised that Morris had declared McCain the winner of the evening wondering if they had watched the same debate. Morris was all defensive and scattered and failed to make his point about McCain, Guiliani or liberal bias at the debate.

comment: Morris sure looked pale and off his game tonight. Maybe he was anticipating the 20/20 report about the DC Madam and her list of names. Maybe Palfrey is liberal and he can use that for a defense.
note: The much anticipated 20/20 report just aired and Dick Morris was not mentioned. In fact, Brian Ross, after all the hype, claimed that nobody well known in DC was found on the list.