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FOX News and O'Reilly Know Liberal Hate Must Be Nurtured

Reported by Deborah - May 4, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly didn't want his culture warriors to go through an entire weekend without a good dose of liberal hate to feed their angry souls so he dug up an old protest montage featuring some of his favorite " far left" enemies getting ambushed by his traveling mic. BOR hasn't realized yet that his silly propaganda montage makes him look very foolish and his loud mouthed producer seem slightly deranged. with video

Isn't it so cool that traveling mic harrassed 70 year old Jane Fonda shouting questions and shoving his mic in her face? Isn't he oh so brave daring to confront that dangerous woman with the trim haircut and conservative wool coat holding the hand of a kind looking gray haired gentleman? Wasn't he daring and clever to shout an invitation to the O'Reilly show so Bor could use the rejection later as proof that she's somehow bad because she doesn't like being harrassed.

Those clips of Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn were really something to see. Three low key middle aged people answering traveling mic's questions with civility. They looked really dangerous.

comment: I think I'll honor Bor's featured enemies this weekend by renting, in my opinion, their best movies.

Coming Home- Jane Fonda
Shawshank Redemption- Tim Robbins
Dead Man Walking- Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn
Thelma and Louise- Susan Sarandon