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You Want News? You've Got The Queen & Boxing On Studio B

Reported by Donna - May 3, 2007 -

Today on Studio B most of the program was dedicated to the Queen and another big chunk to the Oscar De La Hoya fight this weekend.

Comments: Just about the first half hour was dedicated to the Queen, a good bit of it focusing on the men trying to roll out the red carpet. There was a brief reference to the Republican debate tonight, but another big chunk of time was dedicated to the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight where Smith interviewed Oscar and asked him for a break on the tickets that were $37,000 a pair. De La Hoya, ever the businessman, offered Smith a 10% discount. There was also a segment on Don Imus and how he is suing CBS for his 40 million dollar paycheck.

While the war rages on in Iraq, Fox focuses on fluff and the Queen's plane.