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God save us from the Queen

Reported by Chrish - May 3, 2007 -

Of course it's newsworthy when a reigning royal visits our country, but footage of the crowd behind barriers waiting for the Queen to ride into view is, after 25 minutes, boring filler. Surely the so-called "Big Story" could have chosen something of more importance to the rest of the country.

The actual drive-by took less than a minute.

Actually, the "big story" is the "DC Madam" client list and all the scandal that goes with it. Geraldo Rivera and John Gibson discussed what little is known about the list given to ABC. Another big story with sexual undertones was Jim McGreevey's conversion to Episcopalianism, a religion that accepts gay people and allows gay priests, unlike his life-long Catholicism.

Don Imus is suing former employer CBS for his recent firing, claiming he was behaving as his contract required when he uttered those infamous words about the Rutgers women's basketball team. Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in.

In a truly outrageous story, a man particpating in a survival school in Colorado was allowed to die of dehydration as instructors and fellow students looked on. The judge suing dry cleaners for $65 million refused to talk to FOX producers who attempted to interview him on his doorway.

FOX personnel are incensed that TIME magazine has named Rosie O'Donnell to its list of 100 Most Influential People in the World, but left Bush off this year. Pssst - does the phrase lame duck mean anything to you?

But enough of this stuff: at about 25 minutes in, we got switched to Queen coverage with two British journalists (one from Sky News, one from The Sun) and FOX's Molly Hennenberg. The coverage, including the live drive-by and immediate recorded repeats of same, continued to the end of the hour with one brief FOX News Alert to tell us two soldiers have been arrested in Cuba for trying to hijack a plane there.


Meanwhile, back in the real world:

Groups: Impeachment 'more on the table than people think'

Clinton, Byrd plan to 'sunset' Iraq war authorization

US 'biggest culprit' in climate change

Bush chuckles at Iraq success: 'Either we'll succeed, or we won't succeed'

Historic meeting with Rice ends Syria's diplomatic isolation