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Tony Snow back at work, spewing talking points on FOX

Reported by Chrish - May 2, 2007 -

Bush's press conference (6:10 PM, EDT!) announcing his second-ever veto, of the iraq war funding bill, was promoted TEN times during the Big Story today 5/1/07, and two segments were devoted to it. Kirsten Powers and Rich Lowry speculated about what the Democrats would do next, and White House spokesman Tony Snow returned to work to define and defend the veto.

A few seconds (<30) were allowed for Harry Reid's last minute plea to Bush to sign the bill funding the war and starting a drawdown of troops later this year. Gibson went directly to Snow (>4 minutes) for a drilling of the reasons Bush is giving for not signing the bill and ending the war.

Snow hit all the talking points we've heard all along: the bill substitutes the judgment of Congress and disallows Generals in the field the ability to conduct the war. It denies them the "flexibiity" they need to conduct operations. It contains a lot of pork. Newest and "most important," Iraqis are wondering if Americans are good for their (our) word, or will they (Iraqis) have to write us off and cut deals with someone else? The mere thought of our leaving makes them all aquiver with apprehension and uncertainty, and they don't know who to side with, Shias or Sunnis, and it creates doubt about our reliability, enormously damaging. Bush won't sign anything that strengthens AL Qaeda and weakens democracy. We have to "win" in the central front in the war on terror (tm). And on, and on...

Basically this "fair and balanced" program presented one side of the most important debate in the country, and dismissed the other side. There was never any question as to which side would be pushed, though.