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Indiana University Study Finds Bill O'Reilly Biggest Propagandist

Reported by Deborah - May 2, 2007 -

Researchers at Indiana University studied six months of Bill O'Reilly's commentary, Talking Points Memo, and according to a press release posted by Mark Deuze on his blog yesterday. Bill O’Reilly calls a person or a group a derogatory name on average once every 6.8 seconds during the “Talking Points Memo” portion of his cable news show.

According to a more detailed press release provided by the University today, the researchers used a technique developed after World War I and made an astounding discovery.

"The same techniques were used during the late 1930s to study another prominent voice in a war-era, Father Charles Coughlin. His sermons evolved into a darker message of anti-Semitism and fascism, and he became a defender of Hitler and Mussolini. In this study, O'Reilly is a heavier and less-nuanced user of the propaganda devices than Coughlin."

Here are some of the findings of the study regarding O'Reilly's percieved enemies.

"The researchers identified 22 groups of people that O'Reilly referenced in his commentaries, and while all 22 were described by O'Reilly as bad at some point, the people and groups most frequently labeled bad were the political left -- Americans as a group and the media (except those media considered by O'Reilly to be on the right).

Left-leaning media (21.6 percent) made up the largest portion of bad people/groups, and media without a clear political leaning was the second largest (12.2 percent). When it came to evil people and groups, illegal aliens (26.8 percent) and terrorists (21.4 percent) were the largest groups.

O'Reilly never presented the political left, politicians/government officials not associated with a political party, left-leaning media, illegal aliens, criminals and terrorists as victims. "Thus, politicians and media, particularly of the left-leaning persuasion, are in the company of illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists -- never vulnerable to villainous forces and undeserving of empathy," the authors concluded"

Here is a link to some tables linked to their study.