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Hannity Dismisses “Mission Accomplished” Clip As “So Out Of Context”

Reported by Ellen - May 2, 2007 -

Alan Colmes cleverly worked in the anniversary of Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech last night (5/1/07) by playing a clip of it during a Hannity & Colmes discussion about the 2008 presidential campaign and asking if it should be used in a Democratic campaign commercial. Predictably, Sean Hannity could not stop interrupting even though it was his turn to be quiet. His laughable defense of Bush was that the clip was taken “so out of context.”

Colmes brought up the speech during Part 2 of a two part discussion with Dick Morris. "Oh, good grief," Hannity peevishly interrupted as soon as Colmes said he was going to play the clip.

“It’s so out of context,” Hannity complained, though it’s hard to imagine how “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed,” can be distorted.

Colmes noted that it was the fourth anniversary since Bush said “Mission Accomplished” and asked, “Is that a campaign commercial for Democrats?”

“Nope,” Hannity butted in.

“I believe I was asking Dick Morris, not Sean Hannity,” Colmes replied. That finally got Hannity to shut up.

You could see Morris weighing his words before he spoke. He answered that the “Mission Accomplished” speech had occurred during the 2004 election (In fact, it happened May 1, 2003). “The war was popular enough that Bush got re-elected. In '06, it was unpopular enough that he lost Congress. In '08, it's gonna be a total radioactive fight and the American people are going to be massively turned off."

In other words, yes, it would make a good commercial.

But then Morris, with his unique brand of political “insight,” spun it on behalf of Republicans. "Now the interesting thing is that while the Democratic Party is 12 points ahead of the Republican Party in popularity right now, Rudy is ahead of Hillary by four points. So, Republicans have the more popular candidate and the Democrats have the more popular party. And, therefore, Rudy's job – and only Rudy can do it – you need a hero of his stature – is to so overshadow the issues with his personality and his record that people ultimately vote on the man not on the issue." One wonders if Morris meant by “his record” Giuliani’s record of keeping the crisis command center in the World Trade Center even after the 1993 bombing or his marital record or his recommendation of Bernard Kerik (who recently pled guilty to receiving gifts from mob-related companies) as head of Homeland Security.

Meanwhile, “Mission Accomplished” has already been used in a campaign. Check out Brave New Foundation’s latest short video called “Tell Us The Mission.” You can view it directly below the clip from Hannity & Colmes. Then go to Tellusthemission.org, sign a petition asking Congress to honor our fallen soldiers by flying the flag at half staff when a service member dies at war and submit your entry for what the "Mission Accomplished" banner should have said. The winning entry will be made into a bumper sticker and the winner will receive a Brave New Films box set and other swag.