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FOX's Big Story: blah blah Bush-haters yadda yadda Bush-bashing oink oink Bush-haters

Reported by Chrish - May 2, 2007 -

Apparently the 73% of Americans who disapprove of Bush's performance are not rational, disgusted, disillusioned adults, they are irrational emotional, petulant children. John Gibson made numerous references to Bush-hating on The Big Story today 5/2/07 and placed much of the blame on Rosie O'Donnell.

O'Donnell was named to TIME Magazine's "Top 100 Most influential people" list, and Gibson is taking it badly. Calling her his "favorite loudmouth," Gibson insinuated that her influence is what prompted Rage Against the Machine to say that the Bush administration should be "hung, tried, and shot." There was no evidence given that there is any connection between the two, but Gibson tried to tie them into a new "left-wing" trend.

As O'Donnell mentioned in clips shown within the introduction, 73% of Americans do not support Bush. If the country is more or less evenly divided, Republican and Democrats, mathematically we can conclude that at least 46% of Republicans have joined all Democrats in "hating Bush" (to use Gibson's infantile phrasing.)

In an unbalanced segment with Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation as the sole guest, the two spewed untruths and minority talking points. (I hesitate to call them anti-Democratic or anti-liberal talking points, because as noted above a large majority of Americans of all stripes are anti-Bush.) Darling began with a Big Lie, saying these are people (RosieO and RAtM) that hate They hate "red-state" America; they hate people who believe in gun ownership. They hate "traditional values." They especially hate having a "strong national defense." Most Americans want to win the WoT (tm) and want to win in Iraq, but "these people" are driven by hatred of Bush and their "blame America first" attitude.

In a classic case of projection, Darling stated that the left has an "echo chamber" that consists of RosieO, Harry Belafonte, and Michael Moore (none of whom has a daily three-hour radio show or prime-time television opinion show masquerading as news) and they build off each other and get popular in their own little circles. Whoa, wait a minute, interjected Gibson: they get popular in places like the US Senate and the House of Representatives! Aren't they rubbing off on politicians?

Darling replied that there is a battle for the heart and soul of the "Democrat (sic) Party." Gibson, probing journalist that he is, asked (with the prerequisite 4th-grade graphics) "Is hating Bush a political philosophy?" Yes, replied the vapid guest. They hate the beliefs embodied by Bush, (torture is OK, right to an attorney is flexible, wiretapping Americans is OK, God wants us to kill, terrorism can be wiped out if we just kill enough of them....), they don't want us to "win", they blame America first... This guy couldn't open his mouth without tired meaningless right-wing phrases coming out. In other words, a perfect guest for FOX News.

Throughout the segment the chyron read "Bush-bashing Party" while banners included "Did radical-lefty Rosie influence "Rage Against the Machine"? and "Band joins Rosie's anti-Bush campaign."

Gibson employed the chicken-O'Reilly tactic of talking defiantly back to an emailer, who wrote that we'll never see a Bush or Cheney offspring in the military because that's for the little people. The war is all about making money, 'got Halliburton?" Gibson pronounced it "Bush-hating pure and simple: irrational, defiant of facts, and certain of itself. Bush-haters of the world are indeed uniting!"

Immediately following that analysis, during his "My Word" segment, Gibson continued the "Hate" claptrap (five uses.)

"Some of us thought that if and when the Democrats won the House and the Senate back they would cease the hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth and spewing about George W. Bush.

I thought some of the truly infantile Bush-hating that we saw before the last election would evaporate.

I was wrong.

The Democrats have begun to fight with each other over the issue of how much should one hate George Bush.

In the past I might have counseled this: Excessive language is the spirit of the fringe and the center will hold. But now I don't think so.

If you read the opinion-ocracy of the left, it's a feeding frenzy on Bush. They gorge everyday on a feast of Bush-hating, and they compete with each other for new Bush-hating dishes and delicacies.

Somebody over there ought to condemn this talk, but they won't — because it works. More people do hate Bush everyday..."

Comment: Can someone point out to this "journalist" that it is HE who uses an excess of infantile, divisive language? Rational, intelligent, thoughtful, serious, patriotic people of all affiliations have turned against Bush because of his policies and his stubborn unwillingness to hear the American people. The corruption and incompetence and cronyism being exposed every day are what's changing people's minds, not a talk show host/comedienne - though cheers to RosieO for making the mainstream media sit up and pay attention.