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Fox Reporting Again That President Says Problem In Iraq Is Al Qaeda, Not Sectarian Violence

Reported by Donna - May 2, 2007 -

Last week I reported on a guest and one of the hosts on Fox stating that the sectarian violence wasn't the problem in Iraq, it was Al Qaeda. Sticking with that story, today it was reported on Studio B with Shepard Smith that the president said that the problem in Iraq wasn't sectarian violence it was Al Qaeda.

Comments: Again, various studies from the state department have said that foreign fighters in Iraq make up between 5 and 7% of the fighting population. It is apparent that the sectarian violence is continuing in Iraq, though Fox will keep reporting that Al Qaeda is the problem in Iraq. They use the language of this administration to get this message out there.

And, isn't it odd that Al Qaeda is present there now but the 9/11 report said there was no connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda? Nor was there any connection between Iraq and 9/11? My, how far we've come.