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Breaking: A Fox News "Liberal" Sides With Bush on "Winning" the Iraq War

Reported by Melanie - May 2, 2007 -

One of the topics of discussion today (May 2, 2007) on Fox's "Special Report" was the mess Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is in over his decision to invade Lebanon last year. Leave it to one of Fox's purported "liberal" commentators to spin a link between Olmert and the Iraq war...in favor of Bush, no less.

During the discussion, Brit Hume -- a guy Fox puts forth as its Walter Cronkite-esque wise man -- addressed Mara Liasson who hails from that den of liberalism, NPR, and who describes herself as "center-left:"

Mara, the U.S. pretty well stood by the Olmert government during that war. What are the implications for American policy here?


I don't know that it has any implications for American policy towards Israel. I think it will be the same but it is a kind of object lesson about how if you go to war, you should succeed.

Um, you know, in the case like Israel, the threat has been more existential and more close by, but in a way, the Lebanon war against Hezbollah was in miniature like the war in Iraq. It didn't succeed in the way it was supposed to.

(Emphasis added.)

Comment: Yep, yet another hard-hitting, "center-left" point of view from "fair and balanced" Fox News.