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O'Reilly acknowledges "unfair" treatment of Kirsten Powers but doesn't concede she's right

Reported by Chrish - May 1, 2007 -

After a Talking Points Memo tonight 5/01/07 titled "Doom for Democrats?" that repeated O'Reilly's opinion that "'comprehensive immigration reform' is code for blanket amnesty with little border protection", O'Reilly had Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin on to discuss the issue. One was allowed to speak uninterrupted, the other was interrupted, shouted at, and scolded. Who do you think received the polite respectful treatment? With video.

The TPM said Democrats are between a rock and a hard place, and candidates who "surrender" to the "far-left" will suffer. "Comprehensive Immigration reform" is used to mask the intent of the open border crowd, who O'Reilly identified as "the radical left." Don't tell that to the six Republican co-sponsors of last year's bill.

From this he segued into the difficulty facing Democratic presidential hopefuls, because (per O'Reilly) the big money billionaires "like" Soros and the big-mouth ideologues like the New York Times want candidates to go one way, changing America, and candidates (John Edwards was named) who surrender to them can't win the general election. Independents (Hillary Clinton!) who forge their own path get pounded on the far-left Internets. Reeeally reaching, he dredged up whiny indignation at Cindy Sheehan calling insurgents "freedom fighters" and said any Democrat who gets tied in with this "loopy point of view" is done. (And look who's doing the "tying in!") In conclusion, he said the open borders - soft on terrorism - secular progressive radical-left is making things very difficult for Democrats. To be "fair and balanced,' he said the Iraq war has badly damaged Republicans, but the "Soros brigades" are now damaging Democrats. And that's why, said the oracle, the 2008 presidential race is going to be very close.

Comment: Fair and balanced, LMAO.

For more F&B he turned to Kirsten Powers, in the studio, and Michelle Malkin in Washington. The ensuing debate was so grossly unbalanced in its administration that even O'Reilly said, toward the end, that he had unloaded on Powers and it wasn't fair. Malkin chirpily replied that to balance that out,

The gist of their debate was that Malkin feels there is anarchy in the country regarding immigration policies and Democrats ("the left") feel it is a comfortable safe political position to be naked open-borders radicals.

Turning to Powers O'Reilly asserted that if the Democratic candidates go to the so-called "sanctuary cities"to campaign, they'll lose the election. (He'd just named San Francisco and Chicago - can you imagine any presidential candidate snubbing those two cities?? Ridiculous.)
All Powers got out was "What most Democrats do support is the Comprehensive Reform," and O'Reilly and Malkin both jumped in, overtalking and arguing, and quickly O'Reilly started jabbing and crying "Bull!" Powers was smiling and laughing at the abusive treatment, and managed to mock O'Reilly's characterization of its supporters as "radical left." O'Reilly overtalked and bullied some more, and Powers replied that Bush disagrees with O'Reilly. O'Reilly then shouted that Bush hasn't gotten anything done in six years because of blahblahblah (he actually made finger motions, two hand-puppets yabbering), and Powers corrected him, saying he has been stopped by the "far right" who didn't want to meet in the middle, which drew an off-screen "whoa, whoa, whoa" from fari-rightie Malkin. No, O'Reilly insists, Bush should have done what HE had suggested, 50,000 Border patrol agents on the border, but he was playing a political game, right Michelle?

Well, when have we ever heard Malkin disagree with O'Reilly? As they like to say, come on! And, there's nothing "far right, quote-unquote" (which the far right refuses to acknowledge)
about supporting immigration enforcement, and cites "blue-dog Democrats" who ran to the right of failed Republicans in 2006. She made two references to the "Democrat Party," obviously a deliberate jab which only serves to make her look petty. Both parties have failed, she insisted, ignoring that the Republicans held complete power for 6 years.

When Powers said that the Democrats want to secure the borders, Malking giggled loudly and O'Reilly, challenging that assertion, wouldn't let her finish that she thinks the disagreement that held up the bill was on the "path to citizenship." He scolded her, saying "You've got to answer the questions, Kirsten - this is not school!" to which she frowned in confusion. O'Reilly ranted about Ted Kennedy, and when Powers pointed out that he is only one person, O'Reilly whined that it's his bill, he sponsored the bill! (Comment: Not that I can find. Harry Reid sponsored the current bill. The Kennedy-McCain bill passed the Senate last year but a compromise could not be reached with the Republicans who controlled the House.) When she insisted that Kennedy, Pelosi, and Reid indeed DO want to secure the borders, O'Reilly put on his astute, pondering posture. (Comment: He is becoming more and more self-conscious for the body language interpretation segments; it's easy to tell when he is posing for later "analysis." It's all acting.)

Powers held her own but it was confusing that she allowed him to keep referring to the Kennedy Bill, though she defended it ably. In fact, she held her own so well that O'Reilly had to resort to calling her "crazy." She immediately laughed at him and noted that he was resorting to namecalling; when he turned to Malkin he admitted that he "beat up on her; it wasn't fair." Malkin offered to balance that out (an interesting look into her concept of "fair and balanced") and pronounced both sides don't want to do anything about it. When O'Reilly asked her if Ted Kennedy wants to secure the borders, she laughed heartily, and BOR asked her to straighten Powers out after the show - to which Powers groaned oh puh-leeeze.

Even Bill O'Reilly acknowledged this segment was unfair. If he could only recognize that's his standard m.o., we'd be getting somewhere!