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Fred Thompson: MoveOn.Org Running The Democratic Party

Reported by Ellen - May 1, 2007 -

On last night’s Hannity & Colmes (5/1/07), chickenhawks Sean Hannity and possible presidential candidate Fred Thompson overlooked the fact that the majority of Americans want Congress to end the war in Iraq and pretended that the Democratic efforts to do so were “extremist positions.” With video.

Not only did Thompson dodge military service when he had the chance (and wasn't that when there was a draft?), he (and/or FOX News) was too chicken to take any questions from Alan Colmes. Thompson’s smearing of Democrats didn’t just go unchallenged by the “We report, you decide” network, it was egged on by Hannity.

In Part 2 of their two-part discussion, Hannity made a deliberate effort to get Thompson to smear. First, Hannity "innocently" asked Thompson to talk about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Thompson initially declined, saying he wanted the luxury of not getting into that.

Hannity “joked,” “Even a little shot?”

Thompson laughed. “Don’t tempt me.” That drew hearty laughter from both.

Hannity next tried to get Thompson to talk about his Republican competition. “I’d be more likely to talk about the Democrats than I would be the Republicans,”Thompson replied. But then temptation got the better of him. “Let me try to be responsive to your question,” he said.

Thompson continued, “They are adhering, to the extent they can, to the most leftwing element of their base. You know, MoveOn.org and those folks are running the Democratic Party. And they’re taking extremist positions and doing extremist things. Harry Reid is doing things that I think the American people are going to reject. They’re as near to vesting in defeat of their own country as anything I’ve ever seen. And I don’t think the American people will forgive ‘em for that. So they’re going through that exercise. And let’s just let ‘em go. Let’s just give ‘em a little rope and see what they do.” Thompson had the nerve to add that name calling would be a wasted effort at this point.

Despite FOX News’ “we report, you decide” mantra, Sean Hannity didn’t see fit to mention that polls consistently show that most Americans want the war in Iraq to end and they support the Democratic efforts to make that happen. Instead, Hannity joined Thompson in smearing the public will. Hannity put on his sincere face as he waved his pen like a magic wand that would erase the inconvenient facts. “Let me focus on what you just said. 'They’re as close to investing in defeat.' That’s, that’s a pretty severe charge.” He made a point of sounding shocked but the pleasure was plain on his face.

Thompson bit the bait again. “What use is (that Democratic plan)? What good is that, what purpose is that?” he asked, “except, as they say, later on we’re gonna pick up Senate seats because of this.”

Uh, it’s called democracy Senator.