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FOX News’ Biased Look At George Tenet’s Book

Reported by Ellen - May 1, 2007 -

Hannity & Colmes debated George Tenet’s book the way FOX News treats almost anyone who threatens to discredit the Bush administration: by attacking Tenet, stacking the guest panel and using the “Cavuto mark” in chyrons and promo’s.

The sole guest for the segment last night (4/30/07) was former White House Press Secretary Arie Fleischer. Three guesses whose side he took. The only surprise was that he did not trash Tenet as Sean Hannity (and, undoubtedly, FOX News) clearly hoped.

In a teaser at the end of the previous segment (to be seen in my next post), Alan Colmes read, “Coming up next, conservatives are poking holes in George Tenet’s new book… A Bush insider will give us his view on whether Tenet’s book is fact or fiction.” As he spoke, the chyron read, “SELECTIVE MEMORY?”

During the segment with Fleischer, Sean Hannity made a big deal out of the fact that Tenet got the date wrong for his reported conversation with Richard Perle in which Perle said the Iraqis would have to pay for 9/11. “So Tenet’s conversation with him couldn’t have happened the way he describes it,” Sherlock Sean said smugly.


Colmes did a good job of confronting Fleischer with the conflation of Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda by the Bush administration. Colmes also pointed out that while Tenet acknowledged he may have mistaken the date of his conversation with Perle, Perle made a statement shortly after 9/11 indicating the same mindset. Funny, but the chyron never read, “BUSH ADMINISTRATION CAUGHT IN CONTRADICTORY STATEMENTS."

You can watch the Fleischer interview on the Hannity & Colmes website.