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Fox & Friends Combines Two Favorite Fox Stories: Sex Scandals and Unsolved White Women Murders

Reported by Janie - May 1, 2007 -

The DC madam story is being covered on just about every news network in the nation, and Fox & Friends on Fox is certainly no exception. However, on this morning's episode, the "Friends" along with "Fox Crime Analyst" Rod Wheeler decided to add a new twist to the story - suggesting the story might be tied in with the unsolved case of Chandra Levy - with absolutely no proof.

Wheeler claimed:

"Here's what I believe. If you think about the names on this list, the types of individuals on this list, the men. They were attracted to young, college students working in the Capital Hill area of DC, well, Chandra Levy would fit into that profile.

That's not to suggest at all, by any stretch of the imagination, that Chandra would have worked for this service. What I'm just saying is that these men were attracted to the Chandra Levy types."

Comment: So Wheeler's not suggesting Levy was an escort, but he's suggesting rich, old men in Washington DC, were attracted to young women also in DC. Man - if I ever need a crime solved, I'm calling Wheeler - AKA Captain Obvious!

He continued, "Here's something else that I found really interesting, and let me share this with you. When I started running some of the telephone numbers on the list that I have, which was part of the list this DC madam has, a lot of these phone numbers come back to the area right around the area where Chandra Levy's body found. That says a whole lot. And I can tell you the DC police are looking into that possibility right now."

Comment: Just one sentence before beginning to talk about Levy, Wheeler discussed where the phone numbers on the list were located and stated, "Most of these exchanges come back to exchanges in the well to do areas of Washington DC, and Northern VA."

Well, Levy's remains were found in an area on the Washington DC/Maryland border called Rock Creek Park.

As a Maryland native growing up just miles away from the park, I can tell you, those living right near Rock Creek Park can certainly be referred to as "well to do."

To the west of the Park, in DC, is where many of the foreign embassies are located, and the Maryland portion of the park is found in Montgomery County, "one of the most affluent counties in the nation."

Wheeler's "evidence" makes no sense. All of it consists of older men liking younger women, and Levy's remains being found in a rich neighborhood. There was absolutely no story here, but Fox & Friends ran with it for it's sensational value, and to attempt to tie in another unsolved "missing white woman" story.