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O'Reilly's Oracle Just Illuminates The Obvious

Reported by Deborah - May 1, 2007 -

Tuesdays with Tanya are simply an excuse for Bill O'Reilly to rub in his message about the chosen victim with Reiman illuminating the obvious while Bill does the rest. Tonight, Tanya Reiman, body language expert, was asked to uncover the deep psychological secrets revealed by the movements of Alec Baldwin, Rosie O'Donnell and George Tenet during specific short video clips. 5/1/07

Bill keeps saying he won't talk about O'Donnell anymore then goes for it one more time. I'm not sure if that behavior is obsessive or compulsive but he had Reiman analyze Rosie's announcement that she was leaving The View.

In the video clip, Barbara Walters was sitting next to her looking very pale and drawn and even the most insensitive person in the world would say Walters was upset. Rosie was explaining her decision in a very animated way and was understandably nervous and uncomfortable with the situation. Her movements were exaggerated and her voice overly cheerful as she made her pleasant but clumsy exit excuses. Nobody watching thought for a moment that O'Donnells explanation was the whole truth which is really not the public's business anyway.

Reiman said that Walters never looked at Rosie while she spoke and claimed that when O'Donnell said " couldn't come to terms" her hand gesture was pointing at Walters as an accusation. Reiman proclaimed that both looked uncomfortable. Certainly no profound mysteries uncovered here but then BOR got his little dig in.

"Barbara hasn't looked thrilled in the past three months." Then he suggested that Rosie lied about her reasons for leaving." If you want to reach a deal, you do."

The Baldwin clip showed him seated between O'Donnell and Walters apologizing for the infamous phone message. Baldwin was facing Rosie and Walters was not addressed. There was no way to know why that happened. He had his hands in his lap and they were moving while he spoke.

Reiman talked about all his red flag indicating deception like a nose swipe and his hands rubbing his legs and covering his genitals for protection. ( comment: Maybe he was protecting his genitals because there was an audience of women who thought he was a monster) Reiman claimed, Baldwin chose to talk to O'Donnell instead of Walters because Rosie was more receptive adding that they had a connection. BOR made sure to confirm that statement.

The O'Reilly wanted to know why Baldwin touched their legs and Reiman made the obvious conclusion that he was trying to make contact. BOR asked, " Is it rude?" ( comment: Bill should know the rule. It's only rude if a Progressive Democrat touches someone. If a Republican does it, it's a sign of fellowship and common values)

Poor George Tenet missed out on a proper analysis because he's scheduled to appear tomorrow. O'Reilly finally got someone to come on the show so he didn't want to dilute the experience. However Reiman analyzed a clip of Tenet angrily defending himself and the CIA on 60 minutes. Tanya astounded us once again saying that Tenet showed anger around his eyes and mouth and seemed to smirk because he was glad to express his feelings. What an unbelievable gift!!