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Sean Hannity Compares Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher to Don Imus, Smears MoveOn.org

Reported by Marie Therese - April 30, 2007 -

Last night during Hannity's America smear merchant Sean Hannity cast aspersions on Hillary Clinton, Firedoglake.com, its founder, Jane Hamsher, and MoveOn.org. Hamsher, as everyone knows, is fighting breast cancer for the third time. True to his "kick 'em when they're down" bully-boy credo, Hannity opened his slimy, innuendo-ridden "expose" on the Democrats and MoveOn.org by comparing Hamsher to Don Imus. With video. (Post updated April 30, 2007.)

SEAN HANNITY: "And we get right to the state of America and, if you are a Democrat, it is a nation dominated by left-wing internet advocates.

"Now, earlier this week Senator Clinton posted a statement on a left-wing blog called Firedoglake.com. Now the posting itself was not controversial. It's about observance of Equal Pay Day, but as the Washington Post reported, it is her choice of websites that has even some Democrats upset.

"Now last summer the same person who runs the website posted this photo of Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman in blackface along side of Bill Clinton. Now it came at a time when the left-wing internet interests were attacking the Senator during his primary run against Ned Lamont.

"Now the Clinton campaign responded to concerns this week about the blogger named Jane Hamsher by say that she had apologized for the photo and that the Clinton campaign was trying to reach people on a populoar website. But it is telling that the whole thing happened just days after the Senator thanked the Rutgers University basketball team for standing up to Don Imus and it's proof of just how far the Democrats will go to appease the bloggers and the radical left-wing interests who are now running the Democratic Party. And that's the state of America ..."

Right off the bat Hannity stepped in a big pile of you-know-what.

The Washington Post did not report that Democrats were questioning Clinton's choice of blogs. A blogger named Mary Ann Akers did. Akers is a GOSSIP COLUMNIST.

She moved to the Washington Post in January 2007 after leaving the Washington insider publication Roll Call which is edited by Mort Kondracke, who appears every day on Special Report with Brit Hume and on the weekends in Beltway Boys. She frequently posts on Huffington Post. *

So, true to his tabloid soul, Hannity never bothered to check out Akers story and wound up taking pot shots at a truly brave woman in the fight of her life - all for the sake of a cheap shot at Hillary Clinton.

In my humble opinion, Sean Hannity is the definition of pond scum.

(If, after you watch the video, you agree, give him a piece of your mind! Contact him at hannity@foxnews.com.)

After his egregious bit of posturing, Hannity aired a ridiculous cut and paste piece that was so pathetic it doesn't deserve much space on this blog or any other. Suffice it to say, the FOX News AV department cobbled together the usual FOX News mishmash of lies, overblown statements, distortions, innuendo and opinion and expected that the FOX viewers were too dumb to know that they were seeing nothing new. The production values were less than stellar and the background noise was literally that - noise! In what has to be one of the worst examples of looping I've heard in a long time, Hannity used a cacophanous collection of reverberating gongs and detuned tubular bells to back up this piece of tripe! Take it from me. The 18-year-olds in the recording class I've been taking could create a better background loop than what the sound engineers at FOX came up with. Honestly, it is quite hideous and completely unrelated in any way to the actual content of the video!

But, then, maybe that was their whole purpose. Perhaps they knew that the audience would see through their pathetic attempt at "investigative reporting" and resorted to a sound track that is so off-kilter that the viewers would not be able to focus on what Hannity is actually saying!

Some of his more offensive comments (in addition to the one above):

"For the first time in history real-life voters pulling a lever may not determine who the nominee of the party is. And that's because the Democratic Party is under siege by a group of left-wing fanatics who are holding their candidates hostage."

"...but, increasingly they [MoveOn.org] control the Democratic party through fear and intimidation."

"Through the years of funneling money, running internet smear campaigns and, now, through a reign of terror, a relatively small group of Berkeley bloggers have co-opted the leadership of the Democratic party."

How, pray tell, did Hannity come to that last conclusion? What follows is not to be believed. Hannity actually accuses MoveOn.org of the horrific crime of - are you ready? - transparency!!

"And we know that because MoveOn.org has shouted it from their mountain top. In an email like a big, booming voice from the sky the leaders of MoveOn.org have proclaimed quote 'Now it's our party. We bought it. We own it and we're going to take it back.'"

In referring to Howard Dean's failed Presidential run in 2004, Hannity said "But the nutroots weren't dead. They had been defeated this time around but they knew the Democratic party was theirs and they were going to take it back."

It would seem that MoveOn's single biggest fault - in Hannity's eyes - is the fact that they have been successful in reaching millions and millions of passionate, active Americans each of whom is entitled by law to donate up to $2,000 each to the Democratic candidates. Hannity claimed that these radical "nuts" wanted to "purge" the Democratic party of all moderate voices, citing opposition to Rep. Ellen Tauscher as an example.

Tauscher is Chairman of the New Democrat Coalition and was only one of two California Representatives to vote for the Iraq war. At the time (the Fall of 2003), MoveOn organized a protest centering around her pro-war stance. However, Hannity claimed that MoveOn targeted her because of her stands on the estate tax and free trade.

The page Hannity showed on his screen as the source for his story is a site called Beltway Blogroll which is an online publication of the National Journal, which was actually quoting from a California newspaper article. The Dump Ellen Tauscher website Hannity mentioned is no longer in existence.

Of course, Hannity conjured up the names of people that conservatives love to hate, e.g., Michael Moore, Ned Lamont, George Soros, etc. Somehow he forgot to mention their conservative counterparts, say, for instance, Richard Mellon Scaife, Grover Norquist, Stephen Moore, David Horowitz, etc.

As for Sean Hannity's "expose" of MoveOn.org, expect to see inflammatory clips replayed ad nauseam for the next week on FOX's other shows, starting, ubdoubtedly, with this morning's edition of FOX & Friends.

* CORRECTION: This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that Mary Ann Akers is no longer an employee of Roll Call. She left that publication in January 2007 to begin her stint as a blogger for The Washington Post. My sincere apologies for the error. It was four in the morning and I misread her Washington Post bio. Mea culpa!- MT