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What “Big” Story?

Reported by Chrish - April 29, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

As has been pointed out in other News Hounds threads, there has been a lot of big news this week. The Democrats running for president in 2008 had their first nationally televised debate. The war in Iraq continues while retired generals and those currently serving are being more critical of it. The President is set to veto a bill (approved by some Republicans) that calls for “timelines” in Iraq.

The Gonzalez/Department of Justice issue continues to be in the spotlight, with former Justice employee Monica Goodling being granted immunity. Former US Senator Carol Mosley Braun was injured in a mugging. Randall Tobias, former Deputy Secretary of State and director of US Foreign Assistance and Administrator of the US Agency for International Development abruptly resigned his positions after it was revealed that he was a client of a Washington DC escort service. Now if this married man who, as “AIDS Czar” promoted abstinence, had been part of the Clinton administration, this titillating story would be running 24/7 on Fox News.

But rather than cover major news, Julie Banderas had other priorities. She covered (twice) wild fires in Georgia. She had a segment about an alleged “dry run” terrorist attack in Iraq which supposedly was in preparation for a real attack on Britain’s Prince Harry who is deploying for Iraq. (Comment: are the American princesses, Jenna and Barbara set to deploy?) This “story” seems to be missing from major media outlets except the Murdoch owned Times of London and Sky News.

Banderas did have a brief discussion with Fox’s Steve Centanni about George Tenet’s new book. In typical use of Fox inflammatory language, she introduced the segment by describing Tenet as “lashing out at Bush.” Centanni, however, gave a brief and objective summary of what Tenet is saying.

Banderas interviewed Fox’s Steve Brown, covering Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the California State Democrats' Convention, about Clinton’s poll numbers and fund raising. Brown said that while Clinton has high positives in California, her numbers start slipping at a national level and her disapproval numbers are high. He noted that political experts say that when disapproval numbers are as high as Clinton’s it is “troublesome” but that it is still early in the race. (Comment: no discussion of the debate where Hillary had, political pundits thought, an excellent answer to a question about national security.)

Instead of a political discussion, the “talking heads” segment with Mike Gallagher and Lara Dyan of Chick Chat discussed the question of third graders having desktop computers. (Comment: now that’s a burning issue!)

There was no discussion about Rosie and Alec, but no Fox show would be complete without a discussion of Natalie Holloway. Banderas did not disappoint and provided us with three separate segments. The first was a report on the Dutch police searching the Aruba home and property of Joran Van Der Sloot’s parents. The second was a discussion,with Aruban reporter Julia Renfro about the status of the case. Banderas is never shy about sharing her feelings about her stories and she said “it kills me that it took almost two years to do this. It kills me that it took over a week to search the car that she was last seen in.” (Comment: thanks for sharing that, Julie).

This segment segued into the legal panel discussion that began with (surprise, surprise) the Holloway investigation. They then covered the Phil Spector trial, a man in Portland Oregon who feels that the new aerial tram has invaded his privacy and has been ordered by the city to take down the f**k sign that he put on his roof, and a judge who is suing a dry cleaner for millions of dollars for losing his trousers. In case you were hungry for Rosie and Alec talk, Kimberly Guilfoyle was doing a “special” devoted just to them during the Kasich timeslot.

Comment: Whenever Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid sneezes, they get immediate (negative) coverage on Fox. But the spotlight that shines on Democrats is turned off whenever there is bad news for Republicans. “Big" story, how about “no” story!!!!

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

Please note that due to the turn FOX has taken to complete tabloid coverage News Hounds has added the category "non-news/filler."